The Leading Causes Of Death In Minnesota

#3) Cancer

#2) Heart disease and its complications

#1) People dying while holding their breath waiting for the Star/Tribune, MPR News, and the Big Four TV stations to cover Ilhan Omar’s successive bits of corruption.

Fortunately, we’ve got that conservative-biased New York media to do it for them.

Rep. Ilhan Omar paid another $150,000 to Tim Mynett’s political consulting group in the three months after The Post first revealed allegations the pair were romantically involved, records show.
The 37-year-old Minnesota congresswoman’s campaign has funneled $146,712.63 to Mynett’s E Street Group since The Post in August reported allegations she was having an affair with her paid consultant, records show.
The latest payments to Mynett’s group were for digital advertising, fundraising consulting and video production.
When news of the alleged affair broke, Omar had already paid $223,000 through her campaign since 2018 for fundraising consulting, internet advertising, digital communications, and travel expenses to the E Street Group — taking the latest total to $370,000.

The real question is, how much shaming can the Twin Cities media withstand before they start even making cursory motions toward doing their ostensible job?

5 thoughts on “The Leading Causes Of Death In Minnesota

  1. It’s those “cursory motions” that allow them to say, “whatta you mean we didn’t cover it?”. That satisfies their consciences to let them continue to think of themselves as “journalists”. It also provides fodder for the PVs of the world to argue against media bias.

  2. Would be interesting to learn whether other candidates have such high political consulting bills. I am guessing not, especially because a Democrat in Omar’s district really ought not have a problem getting elected, or re-elected, unless she does something like marry her brother, divorce her husband, and carry on with a non-Muslim while paying him a lot for the privilege.

    Thought #2; did Mynett buy all those nice outfits for her out of that money and help bankroll her living quarters in DC that way? Another observer of the female persuasion has noted that she’s awfully nicely dressed for someone without a ton of money of her own to spend.

  3. You ask a rhetorical question which answers itself. The local MSM and DFL propaganda apparatus (I repeat myself) falls back on the legalistic premise that since nothing has been proven in court, nothing happened. Scott Johnson has multiple Somali contacts who know all parties concerned and they aren’t willing to go on the record (for obvious reasons) with what they know, but that ought to be enough to concern a responsible journalist (oxymoron) to investigate. Who knows, maybe there is a whistleblower who has seen the paperwork filed by Omar and family when they came to the States.

  4. If the principle is that something has to be proven in court to be considered as having happened, then there goes about 70% of the StarTribune’s front page “reporting” for the last three years.

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