6 thoughts on “Hero For Modern Times

  1. “What’s wrong with you?”

    Perhaps the statement that your right to swing your fist ends with the start of my nose. When you get up into my face and interfere with my right to go about my business, you initiate conflict and should expect a less than polite response.

    I love the spinning phone at the end. Perfect.

    But you should see the version with the view from above.

  2. Judging by his scrubs, it looks like somebody just gave up his career in medicine in the space of 15 seconds. Two of my daughters are CNAs, aiming for RN, and they are acutely aware of the fact that any significant conviction kills their careers. Theft, assault? Go ahead and kiss that great career good-bye.

    Well, at least if the SFPD acts on it. Time will tell.

  3. BB, that fellow didn’t actually touch any of the reprobates; there was no assault. These snowflakes are conditioned to commence autistic screeching if their little circus is interrupted in any way. And he didn’t steal any of their property; he re-distributed it.

    Perfectly executed, tbh.

  4. Normally I dont approve of our side doing that, but if you are blocking traffic you are fair game, not just protesting.

  5. Swiftee, hope you’re right. I did catch the overhead view, and it didn’t seem to show the critical moments. I stand by my comments that he could have kissed his career good bye, if only because he picked a fight with multiple protesters. Getting witnesses on his behalf is not going to be easy if the SFPD picks this one up.

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