Mayor McDreamy tries to intersectionalize.



Especially conservatives on “the internet” who happen to be women, gay, black, latino, or any other that Mayor McDreamy’s party thinks are “theirs”.

But if you’re worried about you’re safety, I’d be happy to provide security.

For $500,000.

3 thoughts on “Progsplained

  1. I don’t know what “intersectionalize” means (nor does my spell-checker) and I don’t know what that tweet itself means either, but I can tell you that all the follow-up comments (tweets) are fully in support of whatever it is hizzoner wrote about. Moreover, as they span the gamut from weird to psychotic, it looks like he’s got the mindless ninny vote wrapped up for his own presidential run (one of the tweets recommended that).

  2. Forget Frey’s Trump battles. Y’all got bigger gefilte fish to Frey.

    Since he took office, Minneapolis has gone to war against rental property owners. Consider the following…

    Enacted an ordinance mandating screening process restrictions. Property owners are now forbidden from rejecting a potential tenant for having an insufficient credit score, or for having insufficient credit history, for any misdemeanor convictions older than three years and for most felony convictions older than seven years (murders and kidnappers are out of luck for 10).

    Gathered lawyers from MPLS top law firms to represent renters in eviction hearings, pro bono.

    Started preparing a leap into rent control, despite a state law that forbids it without a vote.

    All this crap has been done, and done again. How’d it work out for San Francisco or Seattle? Tent cities, rats, disease and street shitting coming to Mpls neighborhoods soon. Y’all already got the shooting going pretty good between Negro street gangs, and the beat-down robberies are world class; I predict complete leftist Utopia within 5 years.

  3. I am picking up a second job so I can get a car and get the eff out of this city. I dont mind working or seeing sporting events here but living here sucks hard.

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