Know How You Can Tell The Economy Is Doing Well Under A Republican President?

The media are devoting lavish coverage to homelessness, that’s why.

And, somehow, less to this sort of thing.

Look – not only is a recession going to happen one of these days, a recession [1] is a necessary part of the business cycle. But the contortions Big Left and Big Media [2] are going through to downplay the currently good economic news are downright unseemly.

[1] In a normal, healthy economy with sound fundamentals, of course. Which we have. Of course, that’s true only if the recession kills of bad ideas and unsound enterprises, and frees up labor and capital for good ideas and sound investments – which the Fed hasn’t really allowed a recession to do since 1993.

[2] Pardon, as always, the redundancy.

13 thoughts on “Know How You Can Tell The Economy Is Doing Well Under A Republican President?

  1. I’d gently disagree that recessions are a necessary part of the business cycle. Keep in mind that apart from wars, government banks throwing hissy fits (Bank of the United States during the Jackson administration), and the like, there really weren’t very many recessions prior to the Fed’s establishment. The big hitter was wars inducing people to take out foolish debt to make cannon and such, followed by the bust as the war ended and nobody needed more cannon.

    But that said, yes, concentrating on the woes of the homeless, most of those woes caused by Democrats, is of course a sure sign the the economy is doing well under a GOP administration.

  2. I’d argue the nature of homelessness has changed / evolved with the tent city on public boulevards being a new thing, and is newsworthy, and that it has nothing to do with Trump…

  3. JK, I think tent cities are the completely predictable consequence of leftist control. Specifically, the influx of millions uneducated and low IQ immigrants into cities in search of unskilled labor and free stuff, the reward of sloth and fecklessness.

    I say leftist control, because they have been consistently pursuing such an agenda but we cannot overlook the fact that Reagan’s massive amnesty and closure of mental hospitals fueled the ruin.

  4. Isnt this exactly what they did to Bush Sr in the beginning of the 1992 campaign? Granted he was a horrible candidate who made multiple fatal errors and went up against someone whose policies would not be welcome in todays Democratic party and a businessman who siphoned off enough votes to kill any chance that he would be re-elected.

  5. I quibble…  A weak border was the consensus position of the Dems and Rs in power over a couple generations.  I think a ‘sanctuary city’ is a meaningless pander such that illegal immigrants will be drawn to the city anyway.

    I wonder if the homeless phenomena is properly understood as working illegals displacing the addicts / drunks from the lowest quality housing, thereby moving them onto the street.

  6. JK, you make solid observations but they are too “intolerant” or “toxic” to be explored by the MSM.

  7. “illegal immigrants will be drawn to the city anyway.”

    Perhaps, but they’ll naturally migrate to cities that encourage them to come with promises of generous gibs and protection from the feds.

    We don’t have any really big cities in South Carolina (thank God), but our solidly conservative legislature makes sure that the cities that are under leftist control toe the line. We have illegals here, but they’re not getting anything they don’t earn, and the cops are encouraged to turn in any they snap up.

    We’re a warm weather state, but you’re not gonna see any tent cities. Our “safety net” is just that; it’s not a comfortable place bums want to be. Even Greenville, which is pretty liberal by our standards, doesn’t allow panhandling or loitering by bums.

  8. I was reminded again the other day about the history of Swede Hollow in St. Paul. Swedish (and Italian and Irish) immigrants found their way into this ravine near downtown and close to the railroad that brought them in in the early 1900s. Ramshackle shanties were perched side by side and next to the single creek that flowed through the hollow and was the sewage system (fortunately, the nearby Hamm’s brewery provided a single tap for the people to get clean water). The place was the de facto squatter’s town until the 1950s when it was largely inhabited by Hispanics, and finally bulldozed. The conditions were horrible, especially in the Minnesota winters, but the immigrants were able to work and get enough of a foothold to eventually buy real homes outside the Hollow.

    How many of the tent-dwellers here in the harsh north now are actually immigrants (documented or not)? Immigrants seeking a better life will always seem to find places to live that we’d consider unbearable. The tent dwellers we have today in the Cities seem to be mostly druggies and mental cases without the desire or ability to work themselves out of their circumstances. What can you do for them but periodically hose or burn the area out?

  9. I couldn’t say whether there is a great big tent city up on Hiawatha somewhere, I don’t drive that.  If there is, its gotten less coverage this year in the paper.

    On Shepherd by Lowertown there are always a few tents this summer, and the vibe is American derelict and then hippie / stoner, but not immigrant.

  10. No leftist reprobate worth xer soy latte would allow a border jumper to live in a tent where ICE would surely snap them up.

    Living on the street in filth and squalor is a privilege reserved for citizens only.

  11. The border jumpers usually have a home to return to.
    One of the reasons the Left hates the wall is because an awful lot illegals go back and forth — they make money here for a year or two, then return to their home village and live like (and get treated like) kings for a year, then they go north again. A wall would make them choose here or there.
    Many of them have a wife and kids “back home,” and another wife and family here. I bet they don’t mention that to the religious-based immigrant advocates.

  12. Trump on Twitter. He is the God Emperor of Trolls! I think that this is what turns the #nevertrumpers into palsied wrecks:

    As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over .the captured ISIS fighters and families. The U.S. has done far more than anyone could have ever expected, including the capture of 100% of the ISIS Caliphate. It is time now for others in the region, some of great wealth, to protect their own territory. THE USA IS GREAT!

    All presidents should communicate this way. Otherwise you get the impression that they are addressing pundits, donors, and the MSM.

  13. Obliterate the economy, theres a phrase you dont hear a President say every day. Trump has already sown that economic warfare is much, much more effective than literal warfare in the 21st century.

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