Behavior Modification

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Under Marxist-Leninist Theory, the end result is a perfect state in which everyone is equal, everyone shares, from each according to their abilities, to each according to their need. But we realize that people don’t act like that now, so to achieve that state, there must be a transition period during which people will be socialized to the new norms. It’s like when you take puppies to dog training class to socialize them to behave correctly around other dogs.
During the socializing phase, someone must determine the proper behaviors that will be acceptable and rules to enforce those behaviors. I’m perfectly willing to live in that society. I will set the behaviors, I will set the rules, you will all follow them and obey me. It’ll work perfectly.
What do you mean “no”? What, you want to be in charge? You expect me to surrender my liberty, my property, my money, daughters, guns? No, I don’t think so. I’m no more willing to be your slave than you are willing to be mine.
We both can’t be in charge. In fact all 300 million of us can’t all be in charge. So that’s not going to work. What’s the alternative?
The alternative is nobody in charge. Everybody does their own thing, not interfering with the neighbor, leaving each other alone. The most minimal government, laying the lightest hand, which is the system the founding fathers invented. And to ensure government doesn’t get out of control, we limit its power by a written agreement, the Constitution
That’s the system Democrats want to toss out today. They want to abolish the Constitution so they can be in charge and socialize everyone to behave their way, follow their rules. If we don’t voluntarily agree, they intend to accomplish it by force.
This isn’t going to end well.
Joe Doakes

So many of Big Left’s chanting points and buzzphrases – “voting for your best interests”, “moving things forward” – are niced-up ways of saying “shut up and let us run things.

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  1. Wait… your telling me that leftist theory when put into practice doesnt ever work!?!? Someone clearly needs to go to a re-education camp.

  2. To be fair, it’s not the entire Constitution the Left wants to toss out, only the inconvenient bits, the First Amendment (free speech does not include hate speech); the Second (no civilian right to bear arms); the Fifth (gun “buy-back” without fair compensation); Ninth and Tenth (rights reserved to the people, or to the states, not to the Supreme Court).

    So maybe that’s okay? We still won’t have to quarter troops in time of war. That’s something, I guess.

  3. Vladimir Nabakov, who knew something about communism, believed that Marxism (like capitalism) was a bourgeois phenomenon.
    Marxists themselves believe that their ideals are driven by history and a materialistic model of the universe.
    The first thing you notice about marxist movements is not that they are historically inevitable, but that they are led by the bourgeois — the people who make up the managerial class. The examples are too numerous to mention. Lenin, Mao, Castro, Guevera were all born to bourgeois families.
    The second thing you notice is that it is not very materialistic. The communist utopia and its ideas about history are both creations of the imagination. They do not exist in the material world.
    What’s more, the marxist idea of man as an economic man is the same as the capitalist idea of man. A little introspection would go a long way those guys.
    Or maybe not. I suspect that many self-identified marxists know that it is a racket that justifies their lust to control the lives of others.

  4. Along the lines of MP’s thought, I suspect every socialist harbors the secret belief that he was wrongly passed over for promotion, never got a chance at the brass ring, and someone stole the girl he was sweet on. He believes that, come the revolution, he won’t be one of the people stood against the wall; instead, his worth will be recognized and he’ll be elevated to the position of authority and respect he has always deserved.

  5. I can boil JD’s and MP posts to this…

    Socialists/Marxists-bitter people who are convinced the system is against them, or try to convince people the system is so they will be usefuel idiots later on…

    Capitalsts- Optimists who don’t blame anyone but themselves for their failures or credit anything but their own hard work for success

  6. He believes that, come the revolution, he won’t be one of the people stood against the wall; instead, his worth will be recognized and he’ll be elevated to the position of authority and respect he has always deserved.

    And then they find themselves standing against the wall.

  7. Che Guevera was supposed to have been shocked when he learned from Castro’s lips that he (Guevera) had decided to leave Cuba and join other freedom fighters around the world.

  8. As I have mentioned here before, quotes by customers and acquaintances from former Soviet Bloc countries, “people that want Communism, all want to be kommisars, forgetting that someone has to empty bedpans.”

  9. Communism is kinda like reincarnation. Everybody believes they were royalty, nobody believes they were a lizard, a peasant, or Shirley MacLaine.

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