Never Bring A Knife To…A Showing

Creep pulls a knife and a bottle of bear spray on a real estate agent at an open house.

Agent was in – but the victim was out:

The incident took place in Commerce City, Colorado, on August 4. According to a report by 9 News, the man – later identified by authorities as 43-year-old Ernest Robert Chrisman – arrived at the open house at about 11:30 am.
“He asked the right questions,” said Hetzler. “We talked about loans, what he had to qualify for.”
After picking up a brochure, Chrisman asked to see the upstairs. Once he and Hetzler reached the master bedroom, Hetzler said Chrisman took out a knife and a piece of rope that had bear spray dangling from it.
“He said, ‘This is a knife, this is bear spray.’ After he said, ‘This is bear spray,’ he asked me to take off my ring and get into the closet,” said Hetzler.
At this point, Hetzler began to fear for her life.
Hetzler has a concealed carry permit and had her gun with her at the open house. She drew her firearm, preparing to defend herself.
Chrisman responded to her actions by soaking her with bear spray.
“I couldn’t see,” said Hetzler. “My skin was burning, my eyes were on fire, I couldn’t see, so I fired.”
She fired in his direction. Chrisman quickly fled from the home.

Shooting blind is not ideal – but all’s well that ends with a likely rapist and possible murderer in jail.

8 thoughts on “Never Bring A Knife To…A Showing

  1. She drew her firearm, preparing to defend herself.

    Even I, someone extremely fearful of firearms, can see the flaw in that sentence.

  2. Darned shame she didn’t hit him someplace less than vital, like in his skivvies.

  3. After Colombine and Aurora I had no idea CO still had reasonable and sane C+C laws.

  4. POD, what I learned in my permit class was that the police tend to like getting some serious revenue (carry permit application fees) for really no real work, and hence when liberals try to revoke the law, the police, no matter how liberal, defend it.

    Plus, Colorado isn’t really that liberal. Oh, sure, Boulder, Aspen, and Denver are, as well as cities that the hippies move to when they’re too stoned out for Boulder (e.g. Ward), but most people in Colorado are moderate to mildly libertarian–don’t bother us, we won’t bother you. It slows the pace of change in the state, thankfully.

  5. Also (I lived in CO for 12 years, as you might have guessed), Commerce City is a working class city worthy of the name where you get some people who use the “somewhat less desirable” location (refinery, flight path for both old Stapleton and DIA, formerly the old Rocky Mountain Arsenal) as a place to hide their less than acceptable habits.

  6. BB, I don’t know if it’s Commerce city but whenever I travel to Colorado on business, the area I see going to I70 on Pena Ave is booming.

  7. bb,

    Colorado Springs is a pretty large libidiot bastion.

    My son lives in Aurora and the natives all say that the state is being ruined by “f ing Californicators and refugees from other libidiot states.

  8. Swiftee, Commerce City curls around the old Rocky Mountain Arsenal a bit to the north and east. No doubt the whole region is booming, though.

    Boss, they’ve been saying that at least since 1991, when I got to Boulder. It’s worsened a bit since then–legalizing dope probably didn’t help–but there’s still a lot of resistance to the left once you leave the Front Range.

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