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  1. Joe is paying extra for butter vs. the store brand or generic why? Given that Land-o-Lakes typically is a buck more expensive than other butter of similar quality, it’s a perfect analogy for Warren’s campaign. “Pay more for less!”

  2. Bikebubba is correct, I willingly pay more for Land o Lakes butter than I would pay for similar quality butter off-brand. It’s not an economic decision, it’s a personal choice.

    I grew up in a small town in farm country. I know what dairy farming was like (it’s probably totally different now, but back then, it was endless hard work, day and night). Land o Lakes is actually a cooperative, owned by its members. The profits aren’t paid to Wall Street speculators or Chinese investment firms, they’re paid as dividends to member farmers, some of them still farming back home.

    I have been blessed with abundance in my life to the point where I can afford to give a buck to a bum at a stop sign, round up my purchases at Cabellas, and pay a little more for my butter, if I choose to do so. Which is why I object to Elizabeth Warren on the label – she would take my money to give to others, whether I choose to, or not. Theft and charity are NOT the same thing.

  3. Joe: :^). Keep in mind that a lot of other producers are coops, too. If you still like Land-o-Lakes, be my guest, but I don’t know that the farmers are getting a much better deal out of them.

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