“I’m From The Government, And I’m Here To Hinder The Wrong People”

A longtime friend of the blog emails:

Yes, thank you, CM Mitra Jalai Nelson. The city has not yet done enough to my neighborhood to prevent growth and development here.

We need to continue to run out those evil box stores and gas stations through minimum wage increases, zoning, and destroying streets to reduce people coming here to spend money. Then, we need to turn our back on the crime increases to ensure that people who possibly would invest here decide against it. Any other thoughts as to what the city could do to continue to prevent growth and development opportunities, er I mean gentrification, in our poorest neighborhoods?

Oh, make sure that it’s impossible to drive in or out, or park when you get here! And make sure transit is malevolent, expensive and keeps the peasants in their place!

Any more?

Listening to the celebration over the demise of the Midway Walmart, combined with the awkward lack of comment or facile rationaliation, about the 330 jobs, mostly for lower-income, often immigrant, workers, kinda told you everything you need to know about Ms. Jalali Nelson and the rest of the City Council.

11 thoughts on ““I’m From The Government, And I’m Here To Hinder The Wrong People”

  1. I have it on good authority that inner city neighborhoods are food deserts and young people grow up lacking fresh fruit and veg. I suspect the problem is corner grocery markets who limit the number of young people in the store at one time, and also prohibit backpacks, to minimize shoplifting. Maybe the City could de-criminalize minor offenses which disproportionately impact young people, such as shoplifting, and prohibit businesses from engaging in preemptive discriminatory behavior? That should dramatically increase foot traffic in the corner grocery market. As long as it lasts. And when it’s gone, that retail space creates more opportunities for nail salons, hair braiding, tattoo parlors and cell phone stores.

  2. The population of the Metro area has exploded since WW2, but the population of Minneapolis and Saint Paul themselves are still lower than their peaks in the 1950s.
    Cities exist for economic reasons. It reduces transaction costs to have consumers near suppliers, and it introduces economy of scale for transportation and infrastructure costs. The idea that cities have a value beyond their economic benefit is dubious at best. Universities and arts colonies grow up in cities, not the other way around. There is a bit of tautology involved. People who live in cities think that cities are good places to live, and most of our media originates in cities. It is ridiculous to think that the conformity of the city is creative while the conformity of the burbs is deadening. too often the forced community of the city is like the forced community of a shared toilet.

  3. From her City Council page:

    Mitra has previously worked as a classroom teacher, community organizer, policy aide and congressional staffer to U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison.

    Frankly, I knew nothing about her, having left the Metro five years ago, but I told myself, “I’ll bet she was a community organizer.”

    I rarely lose such bets.

    Question: why don’t conservatives have community organizers?

    I mean, don’t government and “charitable trusts” pay conservatives to do such important work?

  4. I have no idea where this is going, or how it will end, but the insanity is intensifying.

    Seattle public schools are teaching that Math is racist. No, that’s not Swiftee hyperbole, that’s just a plain statement of fact.

    Because Mitch’s crappy comment system won’t allow me to add a link to it, be sure to follow the link in the linked story and take a moment to fix your gaze on the original “K-12 Math Ethnic Studies Framework” (PDF) document where you will see such delights as “Mathematical theory and application is​ rooted in the ancient histories of people and empires of color​.” Take that pythagoras!

    and “Power and oppression, as defined by ethnic studies, are the ways in which individuals and groups define mathematical knowledge so as to see “Western” mathematics as the only legitimate expression of mathematical identity and intelligence. This definition of ​legitimacy is then used to disenfranchise​ people and communities of color.” We wuz Kangs an sheeit!

    In other words, there is no value in actually learning math, because wypipul!!! Instead, it’s important to acknowledge the value of whatever twaddle comes out of your 85 IQ head.

    Obviously racism is at the crux of the game here. Reprobates have given up trying to prove there is no relationship between IQ and race, there’s simply too much evidence out there substantiating our own lying eyes. Instead, they’re going to de-legitimize science, math and logic; it’s icky wypipul shit, fagetaboutit. Whatever you come up with is Galaxy Brain level thinking.

    Now, of course this is not going to help the low IQ Africans and South American Mestizos pouring into the country to replace us at all, it’s going to hurt them badly. But elite reprobates don’t give a shit about that; their kids are not going to public school; they’re learning calculus in an elite, private school. It’s the same scheme of planned ignorance the Catholic church used to keep the peasants dependent for centuries; only a priest can read the Bible because you’re too stupid to understand it, and the only thing worth reading is the Bible, so don’t bother learning to read at all…go plow your field.

    I don’t want to share a country with these people. I don’t want these people around me or my family at all, ever.

  5. Wow. That’ll help Seattle Public students eventually find jobs at Microsoft and Boeing, won’t it? Yikes.

    Building on MP’s thoughts, it strikes me that too many cities just plain forget that enduring communities are built off nuclear families, which for obvious reasons have a longer time preference and long term outlook. And like it or not, we take notice when city councils and mayors take steps to keep undesirable neighbors in our communities. Sad to say, realtors are prohibited by law from describing this phenomenon to prospective home-buyers.

  6. As Candace Owens has said the #1 issue affecting her community is the lack of fathers in a kids life growing up. Its hard to disagree with that seeing what that community was like in say 1965 vs. now.

  7. Wow. That’ll help Seattle Public students eventually find jobs at Microsoft and Boeing, won’t it? Yikes.

    The puppet masters don’t want public school students to find jobs at Microsoft or Boeing, BB…those jobs are reserved for elite kids. Public school kids’ job is to take food orders, serve coffee, make beds, walk dogs, be available to create chaos when necessary and vote Democrats into office. IOW, serve the masters.

  8. oh, ffs. Akismet is complete shit. Becoming more effort than it’s worth, tbh.

  9. Math is racist, particularly geometry, which is used to calculate ballistics, which is why certain yutes have so much trouble hitting their targets.

  10. Math describes the movement over time of physical objects. Hard math. It is hard imagine some non-white, non-western thought process that, in Joe Doakes example, could tell you the instantaneous slope of a parabolic curve at x.
    It is racist, of course, to believe that women and dark skinned people are incapable of working the white man’s magic.

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