Living The Lie

Simple messages printed on white paper start appearing in Massachusetts.

Moral quandary ensues (don’t watch the video if the moral myopia of your fellow citizen is already depressing you):

“Tolerance” for all aspects of (non-white male) cultures slams headlong into feminism.

And people have no idea what to do with that dissonance.

Alaa Al-Ameri:

Western society has managed to convince itself (at least in public) that any statement criticising any aspect of Islam is, by definition, bigotry. As a result, Western societies have effectively decided to enforce Islamic restrictions on blasphemy, and called it ‘tolerance’.
The strain of conforming to this lie is evident in the fumbling attempts by the interviewees to explain their objections. Do they believe that Islam is right about women? If so, why the objection? Do they believe that Islam is wrong about women? If so, in what sense is the statement an attack on Islam or Muslims? Do they believe that the author of the poster is saying that ‘Islam is right about women’, but doing so ironically? In which case, the objection can only be that the author is guilty of a thoughtcrime by stating that ‘two and two make five’ with insufficient sincerity. Or do they worry that they are guilty of thoughtcrime for noticing the irony?

Of course, it’s all fun until an entire free society is destroyed:

Such abdication grinds down the ideologically obedient citizen, because it reduces life to a purely material existence, in which moral integrity and human dignity must be sacrificed in order to keep the state off one’s back and oneself in a job. This is a fate which Havel suggested might one day befall the West if it were ever to succumb to the ‘profane trivialisation of humanity’ required to live within a lie rather than challenge it. With police now calling on citizens to ‘check their thinking’, and people regularly losing jobs over social-media posts, who can say that we have not reached it?

Of course, Al-Ameri – a UK-based writer – is writing about the UK.

For now.


5 thoughts on “Living The Lie

  1. The amazing part of that story is that there is anyone left within 200 miles of Boston with enough balls to post that.

    Anyone East of the 95 beltway lives under constant surveillance of the woke Schutzstaffel.

  2. Kind of like those “It’s okay to be white” signs that made a splash a few years ago. If you want to convince people that you are insane, start talking about the conspiracy behind “It’s okay to be white” signs taped to walls.

  3. “It’s okay to be white” signs

    MP, you do know of course that the “okay” sign is a racist white power symbol.

    The same thing with a smile.

    In a recent study published by The Journal of Intersectional Blathering, it was found that when white people smile at black people, it is to reaffirm their superiority. The same thing happens when men smile at women. The study also found that when two white people (of the same identified gender) smile at each other, it is to mutually gloat over their superiority.

    So let’s have no more smiling or being okay. Okay?

  4. There seems to be an evil genius behind this stuff. It the equivalent of asking Captain Queeg about the stolen strawberries.

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