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  1. It would have to be one Hell of a good ad to make me switch from Old Spice!

  2. Good article. One thing I’d quibble with, is the notion that the previous ads alienated, or had the potential to alienate, only 50% of their potential customers. Half of women are married to men they love, another portion would love to be, and some of that “wokeness” is going to offend them, too. I’m guessing that if you showed the old ads and took a poll, the “I’m offended” or “WTH?” proportion would be closer to 2/3.

    To further offend the woke, I enjoyed shaving with my grandfather’s razor, complete with double edged razor blades made in Israel, just like most every day. It’s a perfect complement to my wife’s Teva shoes.

  3. tbh, I haven’t purchased a disposable razor since I was in my early 20’s; I have always preferred the work of a straight razor and soap. But kudo’s to Schick for their savvy smack down.

    The key to an effective boycott is to make choosing an alternative effortless. The shaving isle in any store is choked with choices…in many cases less expensive choices. In light of that truth, jumping on to the Woke Wagon with both feet tells us the CEO of Gillette is indeed in good company with the 1/4 wit leftists he was signaling to.

  4. Gillete goes on a apology tour. Whatever, after I saw that commercial I threw all my Gillete razors away once my Dollar Shave Club subscription box came. Gillete can kindly go fuck themselves, I dont usually boycott brands but after that “toxic” masculinity ad Im going to make sure me and anyone in my future family never buys another Gillete product ever again.

  5. Can anyone tell me why the “Hey you snivel little shits, buy our stuff” campaign failed?

  6. They were trying to appeal to millenials and it blew up in their face almost as bad as “New Coke” did in the 80’s

  7. Swiftee, I dont even go to a store for my shaving supplies anymore, I just get a box with everything I need every 6-8 weeks shipped right to my front door. All hail the on demand economy.

  8. I haven’t bought any razors at a store in awhile. My wife gave me a membership to Harry’s for my birthday in 2018. Before that, I always used either Schlick of Target’s house brand disposable razors and good old Barbasol shaving cream. In fact, about twice a month, I take a break from Harry’s gel shaving cream and use the Barbasol.

    But, the ultimate fun for me is to head for either Dick’s Sports Barbers or venturing into libidiot territory to The Barber Sharp in Nordeast for an old fashioned shave with straight edge razor. The Barber Sharp’s haircuts, also includes shaving the back of your neck with a straight edge, military style.

    Both are pricey, but worth it IMO. Besides, when trips to the “stylist” for my wife run about $75 per…

  9. I’m a fan of safety razors – my blades are about $.05 each. A shave brush and soap round it out nicely. What is really nice is how little waste that generates. Hmm, classic shaving as a way to save the earth.

    Boshoss – Lowery Ave barbers is just east of Stinson. Easy parking, great vibe, straight razors, and enough taxidermy on the walls to trigger all the hipsters in NE

  10. Boss, my wife bought me some Harry’s gel and I liked the smell. But those foams make it hard for me to shave around my beard, ‘specially with a straight razor; can’t see my line.

    Soap doesn’t foam up, but is plenty slimy enough to get the job done. Also, soap has never impugned my masculinity, which is a bonus.

  11. smh, remember when medicine cabinets used to have a little slot in them to dispose of blades? lol

  12. Swifter – I’ve seen them, but it’s been awhile. And now you’ve got me wondering – when was the big shift from double sided blades to replaceable cartridge, as well as the move towards canned shave cream. Outside the US, Ive noticed less disposable.
    If you’ve not tried a shaving brush with your soap, I say treat yourself!

  13. Hated those medicine cabinets. Did some remodeling in a few rentals, bathroom walls full of rusty razor blades, no good way to run pipes or wires through the nest. Tear the wall open, remove each one with a tweezers. Ug.

  14. I am going to be moving back to the TC area next year. Are there any barber shops there that feature topless, lithesome “stylists”? Or do I have to go to Vegas for that experience?

  15. smh, I had the brush and mug. Makes foam which is what I don’t want. I need to see the edges of my beard, or all is lost!!!!

  16. Joe, I’ve torn out lots of cabinets and walls, but never the old razor blade ones…the blades dropped into the wall?

    Lmao…thats what I call not giving a fuck about tomorrow!!

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