What I’m Not Doing This Weekend

Well, it seems at least one tradition is on a “pause” for the foreseeable future.

AM1280 and the NARN won’t be out at the State Fair this year.

Fifteen straight summers, the NARN guys and I worked out at the Fair. The station took a different route this year.

Which on the one hand is fine – no need to add “getting to the fairgrounds” to all the other show prep stuff.

On the other hand, it means I lose the big benefit of being with the station at the Fair: having an air-conditioned room with a fridge full of water to retreat to when the crowds get to be too much. That, along with getting to meet the audience face to face, was one of the highlights of whole “show at the Fair” experience.

I’ll have to come up with some other side hustle that offers that…

44 thoughts on “What I’m Not Doing This Weekend

  1. Sucks but News that just broke on my SmartNews app, RBG just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I dont normally celebrate people getting diagnosis like this but I cant help but think its a bit of Karma for her coming out against Trump prior to the 2016 election. Which probably means her seat on SCOTUS is going to become a huge election issue since there is no way shes making it to 2025. Might not even make it to the 2020 election. Good riddance.

  2. Its not karma, someone who comes to the end at 85-85 has not been on the wrong side of karma.

    There will be irony….

    I would bet she’s down to her last 6 months. The timing of it all will give Cocaine Mitch an opportunity to change his mind on ‘the Biden rule’. And he surely will.

  3. Maybe you don’t want to be at the fair at all, though you are not (I’ve met you, remember?) young and female like the ones leaving the Republican booth who were assaulted by Democrats last night.

  4. “McConnell has a thirst for power completely untethered from any principles.
    Nonsense. McConnell respects constitutional limits on the federal government, unlike virtually all of the Democrat candidates for president.
    What principles restricted Hillary’s thirst for power? She did not even accept the outcome of an election she lost, fair and square.

  5. Trump ‘hereby’ orders US business out of China.

    /“better off without them. The vast amounts of money made and stolen by China from the United States, year after year, for decades, will and must STOP. Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA. I will be responding to China’s Tariffs this afternoon…”/ ~ Donald Trump

    I’m curious to see the reactions from his supporters who describe themselves as constitutionalists.

  6. Why do you take Trump more seriously than he takes himself, Emery? I think that the psychologists call that “inversion.”

  7. One reaction I am hearing is that Trump says all sorts of crazy things and his statements should just be ignored.

    A country that should just ignore what a President says is a country that is in deep, deep trouble.

  8. Why Trump was elected: “That might explain the nearly uniform outcry from Washington-area politicians incensed at federal plans to build new shelters for migrant children in Northern Virginia and the District . ”

    It turns out that most of the illegal immigrant children aren’t the little toddlers that you see on TV, they are teenagers. Now why would anyone oppose having hundreds or thousands of illegal immigrant teenagers dropped into their expensive neighborhood?

  9. The same people who say they love Trump because he says what he thinks are the same people that say we shouldn’t take what he says seriously.

  10. The people who love what Trump says is because what he says annoys the hL out of all the right people. And they are WAY smarter than the libs who listen with their outrage filter constantly set at +11, because they know much of what he says is simply for effect. And it WORKS. Remember Reagan saying “the bombing starts in 5 minutes”? Same thing here.

  11. A country that should just ignore what a President says is a country that is in deep, deep trouble.

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

  12. J Ewing, are you referring to this incident, or another one?

    I certianly hope the MNGOP is smart enough to have their booth covered by CCTV. They should also provide escorts for female volunteers.

    Given the level of insanity reprobate leftists have been displaying you really can’t be too careful.

    Hey. Since you’re not doing a booth this year, why don’t you organize a group of men to provide some security and escorts?

  13. Here’s the twisted logic of a Trump follower:
    ‘He didn’t say that. And if he did, he didn’t mean that. And if he did you didn’t understand it. And if you did, it’s not a big deal. And if it is, others have said worse.’

    If we need to ignore the president then maybe that person shouldn’t be president or maybe the president should not be saying things we will need to ignore. It’s one thing for a reality star to lie all the time or say things to ignore. It’s another thing when it’s the president.

  14. I love the fact that he drives you crazy, Emery.
    Me? I’m cool as a cucumber.

  15. No Hemorrhie, thats a coded message. Here’s what they’re actually saying to you leftist scumbags:

    ‘Suck it, cupcake’

  16. I am missing the “sarcasm” and smiles in that comment.

    I see Joe Walsh is joining the republican fray in 2020 — joining Bill Weld and possibly Mark Sanford. They’re patriots, that get what this is all about.!

  17. Trump ‘hereby’ orders US business out of China.

    I’m curious to see the reactions from his supporters who describe themselves as constitutionalists.

    What I’d say is that the “Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977″ was good enough for the Democrats when it was issued to Carter and it hasn’t been challenged since.

  18. Trump demands that Denmark sell Greenland. Trump demands that all US companies leave China. Trump demands that Mexico pay for the wall. Trump demands that the Federal Reserve lower interest rates.

    Trump demands attention. What else is new.

    Where are all those GOP Constitutionalists? Must be in hiding along with the deficit hawks and free traders. Hard to believe in nothing — but the GOP is finding a way.

  19. look at the other side, Emery,
    All the Dem presidential candidates endorse the idea that a woman can have a penis and impregnate men. One was cheered by a dem crowd when he said that such “women” should be guaranteed access to abortion if they become pregnant.
    All of them believe that without central economic planning, not just in the US but world wide, the end of the world will happen in twelve years.
    And you are worried about Trump’s tweets.

  20. For some reason the media seems to believe that Warren is some kind of pro-capitalist moderate. Look at her economic plan; the government shall set the social goals and use corporations to achieve them. This is textbook fascism.
    All the Democrat candidates endorse racism; your political rights depend on what racial label the government sticks on you. All of them oppose the rule of law and the constitutional safeguards against an overweening federal government.

  21. I think I’ve figured Merg’s Modbot out.

    All I need to do is spew inchoate, nonsensical leftist Bullshit, and Im golden.

  22. Trump’s agenda is constitutional and can be accomplished with constitutional means. The Dems agenda cannot be enacted within the current constitutional order. That’s why they try to undercut the constitutional order. “The US founding documents institutionalized racism.” “American politics has always been about imposing white supremacy.” “The electoral college is a tool of white supremacy.”

  23. Here is why the Democrats have become insane>
    They hate Trump. To the Dems, he represents all that is not them. He is their anti-Christ.
    For a few years they were able to believe that Trump was not really the product of American politics. He was not really the chosen president of the American People. They believed, irrationally, that Trump was imposed upon the American People by the newly demonized Vladimar Putin (GW Bush, Obama, and Hillary had sought normalized, improved relations with Putin. Putin did not become an inhuman super villain until November 10th, 2016).
    After Mueller’s report and testimony it was no longer possible to believe that Trump was imposed on the US by Putin.
    After Mueller’s report and testimony, the Trump haters had no choice but to believe that the most evil person in the history of the universe was, in fact, the freely chosen president of half of their fellow Americans.
    So they revert to Leftist type. Their greatest enemies are their own countrymen, people who look like them, talk like them, people who are their kin, their cousins, but with the wrong ideas. Ideas so wrong that they cannot be partners in governance. They can only be defeated and destroyed.
    So the leftists dehumanize them. The Trump voters (one third of whom voted for Obama) are incapable of governance. They are stupid, evil, racists. They are inferior and they are wicked.

  24. You are a crazy person, Emery. You should look in the mirror and say to yourself “this is what a crazy person looks like.”
    You will believe anything, from any source, as long as it feeds your Trump hatred.

  25. Interesting idea. But the left assured me it will not work. That’s curious, if the most destructive force humans ever devised is not enough to affect a single Hurricane, how can we be responsible for global warming that’s destroying the entire planet? My SUV is more powerful than a nuclear weapon? Cool.

  26. Ah, Emery, you may want to look back at real history again. At least two other presidents attempted to buy Greenland. Not a new idea, by any means, but because Trump…Sheesh!

  27. I might add that the two presidents that attempted to buy Greenland, were Democrats. Jackson turned to Republican late in his life.

    Both Walsh and Sanford, as well as anyone that says they represent the GOP to challenge Trump, would be a RINO or Democrat running as a Republican.

  28. Can’t believe this needs to be said, but it’s not normal to have a President who wants to nuke a hurricane.

    It’s like Trump just watched Sharknado and thought a bigger version would be perfect.

  29. Trump is a man of the past not going anywhere, mostly capable of attracting attention for his disruption, not his achievement.

    America used to be in the business of business. Maybe it will be again.

  30. America used to be in the business of business. Maybe it will be again.

  31. I’m running. Simple platform: I will not drop nuclear weapons on weather. Vote for me.

    That said: I reserve the right to use conventional weapons on passing thunderstorms. Especially at the beach. On weekends.⛈

  32. If axios printed it, it must be true!
    Looks like you’ve been “fake newsed” again, Emery!
    The job the media has given itself is to keep the anti-Trump idiots riled up 24/7, truth be damned.

  33. It’s just like the biased lying media to leave out that Trump specifically said he would only use nuclear weapons against weather DEFENSIVELY. But no surprise from people who don’t believe in defending our country.

    Clearly liberals support open borders for hurricanes to just come in to our country and wreck havoc on our economy and safety. And they’re taking our lawn watering jobs as well.💨💨

  34. Emery apparently missed Mitch’s post from a few years ago where he mentioned a Dilbertblog post by Dilbert creator, Scott Adams.

    One word: Leading. It explains everything you’ve been TRUMPeting about our president’s outlandish statements.

    Go find it, read it, and see what you’ve missed for the last 3 years.

  35. How great would it be to see foreign intelligence agencies assessments of Trump’s mental stability and capacity?

  36. Emery on August 26, 2019 at 8:26 pm said:

    How great would it be to see foreign intelligence agencies assessments of Trump’s mental stability and capacity?

    The same intelligence agencies that said the USSR was rock solid? That said that Saddam had oodles of WMD? The same foreign intelligence agencies which, like our own intelligence agencies, have been wrong about everything, forever?

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