At Long Last “Honesty” (Of A Sort) (Sort Of)

The Reverend Nancy Nord Bence has never, not once, made a statement about guns, gun owners, gun crime, gun laws, the 2nd Amendment’s meaning and history that is simultaneously original, substantial and true.

Not once.

Her news release earlier this week wasn’t “honest”, per se – but it was unusual in its frankness.

Because while Nord Bence, like all gun grabbers, will condescendingly coo “nobody’s coming for your guns” when asked, well, she wants to come for your guns.

You can read the release here. By the way – in a medium, the press release, that favors economy and succinctness, the Reverend writes the most gaseous, verbose excrescences ever to grace a circular file. The meme blow is the TL:dr version:

1 thought on “At Long Last “Honesty” (Of A Sort) (Sort Of)

  1. Mitch, have you lost your mind?

    The statement you linked to doesn’t support 1/2 the shit in the meme you posted.

    Listen. You know I’m 101% pro-2nd amendment, but I’m also not a fucking robot. This kind of shit undermines us all.

    State your case honestly. If you post bullshit, I’ll assume you can’t handle the truth.

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