Hurt Feelings

A friend of the blog writes:

Betty McCollum doesn’t like the language in this application for Grant money for ShotSpotter.
In a July 19 e-mail to City Council members, Chief of Staff Bill Harper wrote that the application “paints a picture that our office feels is not reflective of the city and the people of St. Paul. Furthermore, the inaccurate manner in which the Green Line is characterized undermines the necessary work to advance transit funding.”
The e-mail compared language in the grant application to how President Donald Trump talks about U.S. cities.
I wish she would spend some time in the neighborhoods along the Green Line sometime. Walk around at night. Do some police ride-alongs. Ride the train at night.

“Telling the truth about Democrat governance” is “racist”, these days.

30 thoughts on “Hurt Feelings

  1. Betty McCollum is so stupid that she has to be reminded to breathe.

    Fortunately for her, a ham sandwich could get elected if it ran on the DFL ticket, unfortunately for the 4th CD, the DFL chose not to run a sandwich.

  2. I attended the public information meetings before The Damned Train was built down University. The usual glowing idealism, revitalize, investment, modernize, rah rah rah.

    Then we broke into small groups to discuss what the neighborhood needed. Number one item on the list: clean up the drug dealers and prostitutes in the alley between University and Sherburne. The Damned Train came in far down the list, below “more cops” and “public library.” So, of course, the city planners reported “there is significant public support for light rail” and ignored the rest.

    It’s comforting to see the police recognize the problem areas in their own city. Too bad the politicians won’t let them do anything about it.

  3. Remember when they put in the Hiawatha line? Remember what the corridor looked like back then? Nobody, but nobody lived on it. It was nothing more than a vast rail yard with grain elevators.

    So why build light rail on a route that cannot support a single bus line?

    So ask yourself this, who is light rail built for? Riders or developers?

    Also who was the largest land owner on the Hiawatha line? Answer: The StarTribune company and the Cowls family (StarTrib’s owners at the time).

  4. Oh, but Greg, St. Paul didn’t fall into that trap. St. Paul is aggressively pushing non-profit do-gooder groups to build low-income apartments at every train station so persons of limited means can have convenient access to public transportation. Unlike the bus that stopped at every corner before the train. Er, I mean….

    Anyway, it’s not like Hiawatha, there’s no lack of riders. Well, okay, yes, there IS a lack of riders, but that’s only temporary. We’re going to create ridership by dropping Mini-Projects all along the line and giving those residents free Metro passes. What they do in the Sherburne alley after riding the train isn’t something nice people talk about, particularly not in grant applications.

    I mean, really, if the only way to get $750,000 of free federal money to fight crime is to ask the racist, sexist, Nazis in the Trump Administration for it, would any sane person do it?

  5. Why do leftists love public transit so much? Certainly not because it’s a pleasant mode of transportation; they wouldn’t know if it was because the only time they ever set foot on it is during Grand Opening ceremonies. I 100% guarantee you BETTY! has never ridden the Green line, or any bus that wasn’t delivering her to a private jet with other leftist politicians, headed to Cuba, or Gaza for a fact finding trip.

    And it’s not because they wish to provide a venue for criminals to ply their trades, nor are they happy when people get the snot beat out of them, although they clearly don’t care if that’s an inevitable result. No, like all leftist plots, public transit is about increased control over the peasants.

    I’ve mentioned before, that I’m a veteran of the building of the light rail system in the SF Bay area. When it started, no one gave much thought to it. The special tax zone vig wasn’t really much of a jolt, and the freeways were starting to get crowded, so hey, maybe it’s a good thing.

    Today, BART is a multi-billion dollar source of cash for the Democrat party. The BART tax competes with state property tax. The work force is 100% unionized, and highly paid (it is common for a BART employee to retire at 52 and collect a fat pension, then go back to work for BART. Like all union droogs, these employees voted Democrat to keep the gravy flowing even while many were conservative.

    The ability to move around freely is a critical component life. When government is in charge of where you can go, and when, they have a big influence on how you live your life. The various BART unions can, and have crippled the Bay Area around contract time.

    Also, in the current year, public gathering places are a convenient place to gather information about you (count the cameras around the EXCEL center on W. 7th sometime). China is a leader in facial recognition for a very good reason.

  6. Fortunately for her, a ham sandwich could get elected if it ran on the DFL ticket, unfortunately for the 4th CD, the DFL chose not to run a sandwich.

    Greg, it has to be the right kind of ham sandwich, as Phyllis Kahn discovered.

  7. The problem is that the people have too much wealth and too much freedom.
    That is a problem the government can solve!

  8. Did anyone notice who won the circular firing squad marksmanship medal last night?

  9. ^ I dunno. I watched some of it.

    Now fellas, I’m a righty… 2A and abortion absolutist… but I have a soft underbelly and I didn’t vote for Trump. Don’t let that provoke you, don’t go knee jerk…

    Tell me whats kind of qualitatively wrong about Tulsi. I think she’s kinda alright.

  10. Based on things that I heard about Harris’ time as a prosecutor, I’ve been waiting for the stuff that Tulsi (sort of) brought up. Apparently, Harris was not above using tactics that were illegal, to get convictions. Blacks that vote Democrat need to wake up and realize that most of the laws that incarcerate blacks, were written by Democrat politicians. Further, none of them has done anything to champion criminal justice reform. Of course, because the racist in the White House is doing so, in spades, it doesn’t count. That said, when a died in the wool black liberal like Van Jones gives Trump credit for doing so, a certain number of black voters will remember it.

  11. Joe, I used to ride the 94D between the downtowns. I heard they abolished some of the express routes…cause you should be riding the rail

    I could not imagine what the line is like now. Back in 2000, there were screamers and drunks on almost every bus – as well as those who generously shared their LOUD music.

    But hey, at least it wasn’t the Selby-Lake 21A or University 16A, unless those are all yuppies now.

    My favorite experience on the 21A was having to get out and walk across the old Lake Street bridge. It was the safest part of the journey.

  12. So, JK won’t vote for a guy who is crass and boorish, but who supports things important to him. But he *might* vote for a woman who stands against things important to him, because she’s calm and well spoken.

    Sounds legit.

  13. Good luck to the Democrats! They have Biden who couldn’t get nominated himself in 3-4 prior tries, and Kamala Harris a political opportunist who called Biden, the first VP of the first black president in US history, a racist in so many words for crossing party lines to try to get stuff done once in a 40+ year political career — emblematic of how caught up in their own political correctness this generation of ‘liberals’ are.

    That said, Trump just barely beat the most unpopular Democrat candidate in memory.  He is less popular now than then.  So logically, in 2020, any remotely competent centrist Democrat should win.

    The open question is whether the chaotic, identity-obsessed Democratic field can yield a remotely competent centrist front-runner.

  14. Emery, Emery, Emery.
    The problem that there are a lot of dems who will not turn out for a competent, moderate candidate. If all the Bernie bros would have voted Clinton, we would have had president Hillary.

  15. Good stuff. So many opinion writers lose their marbles when they talk about Trump.

    Partisan politics boils down to voter turnout.  While nobody is agnostic on Trump, it’s not like he has singlehandedly solved voter apathy.

    Despite the 24/7 outrage on the news, things are so good in America that 45% of the population can’t be bothered to vote.  That’s not going to change by 2020.

    Were he on the ballot, I would vote for my dog over Trump.  But he’s not, and Trump is a near shoe-in for 2020.  Trump has one great quality for a politician: he is gaff-proof.  There is literally nothing he could do to depress his base.  The Democrats, by contrast, are busy wringing their hands and chest-beating over their inability to solve all of history’s problems by November 2020.

  16. I didn’t not vote for him because he was crass and boorish. I didn’t find him credible such that he wasn’t actually a competent businessman and was a quite fraudulent businessman.

  17. I didn’t vote for Trump because I thought he was competent, or honest, or smart, or because I observed he had leadership qualities; he has none of that. He’s a creature of New York, to boot.

    I voted for him because if MeMaw Clinton would have won, we would now be saddled with a fringe leftist SCOTUS and federal bench for the next 30 years. That matters because reprobate leftists have made far more progress in destroying America through the courts than through the legislature. In the current year, uneducated, unskilled, low IQ peasants with a taste for free stuff would be literally pouring in across the border with the full support of the Judiciary and the Executive.

    That decision I made has paid off handsomely.

    Now we have a squishy 5-4 majority on the SCOTUS. RBG is being kept breathing through black witchcraft, but it can’t last another 5 years; there simply isn’t enough children’s blood available.

    I could care less about what epithets Trump calls his enemies; I don’t care if he bangs strippers; I don’t care if he mangles the English language. If Trump is re-elected we will have a rock solid 6-3 majority, plus another 50 or so conservative federal court judges. It’s not even up for debate.

  18. ^ Thats a strong argument and its practical-ness has been demonstrated, especially since he did actually win…

    He’s so deficient in so many ways that I didn’t think he was up to the task of running, winning, or governing. That judgment was wrong on some counts, sure, but not all counts.

    I’m pretty glad he defeated Hillary.

  19. Same here Swiftee, I wasnt so much pro Trump as I was anti-Hillary, but now I am all in for his re-election and will campaign heavily to see if this state can go Red for the first time since 1972.

  20. If Barry Sotero left any doubt (he didn’t) that being President doesn’t take much in the way of qualifications any more, Trump has proved it beyond all doubt.

    The federal government is so huge, so full of lifer functionaries, a caveman could do it.

    What the President *can* do is, pave the road ahead of his party’s agenda. And *that* is why I will never, ever NOT vote for the GOP candidate…and I don’t even consider myself a Republican any more.

  21. Tell your friends, POD. We need to get millennial’s straightened out, and fast.

  22. Id rather not nuke the friendships I do have with people my age Swiftee, Id rather find new people, and now even going down to Gen Z, whose oldest crop is now voting eligible.

  23. The only disappointment so far I see with Trump is the out of control spending, hopefully he can fix that after 2020 and take a fucking axe to the federal budget which could be cut at least 10%, maybe as much as 25% and 95% of Americans wouldnt be able to tell the difference.

  24. Dont bank on millenials though swiftee, They are still wetting their pants over Socialist Sanders and Whacky Warren.

  25. Don’t be too hard on Trump over the budget. Even Reagan had to pick his battles, and he had the support of Republicans in Congress. Never Trumpers in Congress are happy to oppose him, particularly when it puts money into constituents’ pockets (which will eventually translate into campaign donations and directorships or consultancies when being a Congressman pans out).

    The choice in 2016 wasn’t between Good and Better, it was between letting The Lizard Queen ascend to the Rose Garden Throne or letting an orange baboon throw Twitter feces at people I don’t like anyway. I made the right choice.

  26. Man. I’m always fascinated and maybe a little surprised when I read comments about Trump from non-lefties. I mean comments that are or seem to be condescending, ill-tempered, and just plain nasty – and these are the ones I see here.Trump’s incompetent, dishonest, and stupid. A New Yorker! Crass and boorish. Deficient. An orange baboon.

    I don’t get it. I’ve lived through quite a few presidents in my lifetime and I’ve never been as happy as I am now. There hasn’t been a president as consistently conservative as Trump since Reagan. Or perhaps Coolidge is better because Reagan was behind the first amnesty (he also left Bork to hang). And yet, piss and moan, carp and wail. It’s never good enough. Nothing ever is for “conservatives”.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The mere fact that “we” all are not lefties means we are cantankerous curmudgeons who take issue with the left and the rest of society. Overton Window? Bring it over here, I got a hammer. But the flip-side of that coin is that we disagree with each other too. In ways that seem way over the top, but I guess that’s par for that course; when we’re not being deplorable, we’re being disagreeable too.

    Anyway, carry on. Not trying to start a fight, just wanted that out.

    PS PoD Nothing will ever be done about the debt nor the deficit until something “falls over”. It’s a non-starter votes-wise; voters will not accept any cuts to their favorite hand-outs. This pertains especially to middle class voters which is also where the real money is doled out and the votes are harvested because there’s so many of them. Yet.

  27. JDM, you make a good point. I should clarify my comment: that was the choice as it appeared to the voters in 2016. Since Trump took office, I’m almost completely thrilled with his performance. A couple of items aren’t going as I’d hoped but that’s always to be expected, just as Reagan had to compromise.

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