“Why Does Anyone Need More Than Six Shots?”

Because you don’t want to run out of bullets before your attacker runs out of attack.

Three armed home invaders shoot man on the East Side, tie up woman, scare the hell out of the kids:

Police say three suspects broke into the house armed with a gun.
Investigators were surveying the scene of the crime Thursday, after a home invasion left a man shot in the leg and his girlfriend tied up. The man who was shot is expected to be alright.
Police say the victims were staying overnight at a relative’s house.
“These are terrifying and traumatic events to have happen,” St. Paul Police spokesperson Steve Linders said. “Also concerning is that they found two young children in the house that were present during the robbery.”
The children, however, were not harmed.

By the way – during the dog days of summer, it’s important not to be an idiot.

Linders says home invasions in the city are rare. Investigators think a social media post by the man that was shot may have played a role in this crime.
“Our investigators think it could be tied to a Facebook post that the victim made recently he had been on a successful trip to Las Vegas and posted about it,” Linders said.
Security expert Mark Lanterman, who is not affiliated with this specific investigation, says it’s a reminder that posting online about expensive belongings or cash can get you in trouble, but also if you share you’re leaving town or on vacation.
“It’s very important to be very careful about in the details you share on social media,” Lanterman said. “Burglars know hey you’re out of town now you’re an easy target so think before you post.”

I’m always home, and I’ve always got an AR15 in one hand and a .44 Magnum in the other.

11 thoughts on ““Why Does Anyone Need More Than Six Shots?”

  1. See? Proof that Betty McCollum was right. St. Paul thugs don’t ride the light rail to shoot people during home invasion robberies. The light rail doesn’t run on the East Side.

    Glad we could clear that up.

  2. whereas the AR is a perfect choice for home defense bc of capacity and ergonomics, the .44 mag is not… what you are lugging around is a great big 6 shot revolver that is actually too much for most men.

  3. ha ha…

    Yeah well, its a bear cartridge and whatever you are going to shoot it out of is not a nimble sidearm.

  4. Mossberg offers the ultimate in home defense with the Shockwave. If you cant clear the house with five 00 rnds, you’ll have more than enough time to grab your AR.

    At least that’s what people who know about guns tell me…damn things just scare the hell out of me.

  5. Whenever I listen to liberals for any length of time, I find I need more than six shots.

    Oh, you were talking about cartridges? Never mind. And I thought our host was terrified of guns.

  6. FIrst pistol I shot semi-accurately was a cheap Rohm chambered in .44 mag. Couldn’t hit anything with a .45 ACP or 9mm, but that .44mag was awesome. Next time I accurately shot a pistol, it was a .357 mag at a target featuring Osama Bin Laden. Somehow I was able to point and click at that target like nobody’s business.

  7. Rohm was selling a 44 maggie? Woof. Maybe it was one of the JP Sauer / Hawes six shooters. Ugly but functional and strong enough.

  8. I had a .44 magnum I bought from a friend. It was a Ruger Sportsman, something like that. Big ol’ stainless steel thing. My friend had lived in Alaska and took the gun with him when he was fishing in case an aggressive bear showed up.
    I took it to the range one time. Too much gun. The bullets were expensive and it caused physical pain to the ears of this shooter.
    I’m not sure it was practical for anything but shooting bears.

  9. :^) And if you think that .44 mag hurts, let me tell you about the time I put one round through a .454 Casull. I hit my target, but that one stung. There are reasons for them, but like you say, I don’t know that ordinary self-defense is one of the best reasons for “supermag” pistols.

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