The Mission For Today

As crime plummets in the rest of Minnesota, violence creeps ahead in the Metro – most of it using mundane, stolen conventional handguns.

And suicides claim 80% of the gun deaths in Minnesota – mostly unfashionable older guys with depression and frequently terminal illnesses. And with suicide, magazine size is utterly irrelevant.

But Keith Ellison – former Congressman and current Attorney General with, one suspects, aspirations to the office of Governor of Minnesota, has filed an amicus brief in a state case seeking to limit magazine sizes.

Of course. limiting magazine sizes has no effect on violent crime – not even mass shootings. Especially not street crime or suicide.

But that’s how he’s wasting his time and your dollars.

You need to help fix that.

Go here and email his office; there’s an email form (please rewrite the boilerplate message to suit). You can also call – leave a polite but firm message.

We need to blow his inbox and switchboard to shreds with belt-fed reason and indignation.

4 thoughts on “The Mission For Today

  1. Well this is a complete waste of time. Ellison knows who will be writing these emails, and he hates you. He knows this will piss you off; it’s the whole purpose.

    He will never even see those emails; his staff will delete them faster than the Minnpost deletes a criticism of Ilhan Omar. That way, he can truthfully say he has not seen any pushback, so everyone is in favor.

    Keep your powder dry for the fight in the legislature.

  2. On second thought, if your 2nd amendment rights are important to you, start scouting job opportunities in Red states.

    In 10 years, Minnesota will be every bit the reprobate shitshow California is. Bet the farm on that.

  3. File under “Debate Questions Keith Ellison Will Not Be Asked”

    “Mr. Ellison, in the past you’ve stated that magazine limits and other gun control proposals do not infringe on citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights. You’ve even gone so far as to file amicus briefs in court cases in the Ninth Circus, despite the fact that Minnesota is part of the Eighth Circuit. Instead of asking you if you believe specific proposals violate the 2nd Amendment, I’d like to ask you, ‘What would be a violation of the 2nd Amendment?’ “

  4. Just take care to be anonymous, or Secretary of Good-think Simon will take you off the voter rolls. Felons, non-citizens, and non-persons can stay, of course, and Ellison will fight to keep them there (as he is doing now).

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