The Intersectional Minstrel Show

When it comes to try to peddle a little bit of melanin, a contrived twig on a family tree, or an ancestry with little history in the US, none of it involving systematic repression, into a rhetorical get out of jail free by calling the jailer “racist” card, Elizabeth Warren is the grand dame.

But she’s got competition. Rashida Tlaib – as antisemitic as Ilhan Omar, without the domestic legal baggage, so far – seems to qualify:

…[I]t strikes me as odd that no one has yet pointed out the most glaring fact about the Squad of Four “women of color” running amok in the Congress: one of them is obviously a white woman.  This rather makes calling their critics racist even more absurd.  Rashida Tlaib was born in Detroit of Palestinian Arab ancestry.  Arabs from the Near East are white, and always have been, as far as the U.S. Census Bureau and American society at large are concerned.
In the supercharged race-hustle of today’s left-wing politics, though, everyone wants super-victim racial status.  Not many American politicos are actually full descendants of black American slaves, so we have a lot of them scrambling to fit under the title “brown” or “of color.”  So far, none of the many white ethnic groups of the Near East — Greek, Jew, Arab, Turk, Kurd, Armenian, etc. — has been able to achieve this transformation and make it stick.  But left-wing Arabs and Persians are fighting to make it so, and Tlaib takes every opportunity to tell Speaker Pelosi that she and her gal pals are all women of color.  (Never mind that ethnic groups from the Near East are relative newcomers to America and have no history of mistreatment in this country.)

Watch for her to announce she’s a lesbian by the end of summer.

3 thoughts on “The Intersectional Minstrel Show

  1. I saw Dunning_Kruger’s hero, Fareed Zakaria, claim he was, in fact a huwhite man, while interviewing Jared Taylor on CNN.

    It’s no surprise that racial identities are being muddled in the current year. Today, it’s profitable to claim black or brown identities, but sooner or later, the invading hoards and their enablers are going to have to answer the burning question:

    “If Caucasians are the debbil, why is everyone trying to get into white majority countries? Isnt it because white people have built the higest order civilizations and enjoy the very best standards of living?”

    The answer, of course is yes. So the new narritive will be “We’re all Caucasians…we built this!”

  2. I wonder if emetic still hopes we make this rabble the face of the dem party? Technically, he said that about Occasional-Cortex, but they come bundled together. None of them have a positive approval rating (all below 20 IIRC), but O-C’s is somewhere around 9% approval.

    Please don’t throw me in that briar patch over there.

  3. I wonder what AOC’s racial background is. She certainly looks like she’s mostly caucasian, which is what most Puerto Ricans (82%) are. Lots more melanin than I’ve got, which isn’t saying much, but racially….

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