If You Live In The Fifth CD

I interviewed Lacy Johnson during his run for the State House two years ago. He was a very impressive guy – North side businessman, incredibly sharp.

And he’s thrown his hat in the ring against Ilhan…well, Omar, officially. Who knows anymore?

Anyway – any race in Minneapolis is a long shot for Republicans, but give Lacey a listen.

I’ll be getting him on the show sooner than later.

28 thoughts on “If You Live In The Fifth CD

  1. Dead on, MacArthur Wheeler. Omar and The Broad Squad have pissed off Auntie Nancy and the powers that be in the DNC/DFL. Franken is being groomed/rehabilitated as her replacement.

    How do we know?

    The barking dogs at the Strib and the New Yorker have commenced to howl.

  2. Johnson needs create a wild story about his background, and lie like hell about what he believes to level the playing field between he and Mogadishu Barbie.

  3. Mac, Franken might have a chance in other leftist districts, but I don’t think he’s radical enough for 5.

    Plus he’s a man…and a Nazi Jew.

    Not a good fit.

  4. But Swiftee, isn’t Al F a “hometown boy” in CD5? Born and raised in SLP? That’s gotta be worth something.

  5. jdm,
    He’s a man; strike 1
    He’s huwhite; strike 2
    He’s not a hoemoe, tranny, pedophile, bi or any other degenerate or mentally unstable sexual deviant; strike 3

    Plus, he’s a Jew. Mogadishu Barbie has spent the last year instructing the bots that Jews are literally Hitler.

    Nope. He’s stuck at home with his horse faced wife.

  6. I thought the Alt-right would get behind the
    QAnon candidate for the 5th — Danielle Stella.

  7. I’m not sure that you know who the “alt-right” is, Emery. For instance, if you asked them if they were “alt-right,” would they say “Yes.”

  8. A ham sandwich could run in CD5 as a Dem and win.

    Het Swiftee, I’d watch the anti-Semitic smears against Franken. It makes you look small(er). And yes, bringing up Nazis when speaking about a Jew, and then calling that person a Nazi, is at best, incredibly poor taste. Not a shocker coming from you, but considering the alt-right’s rep (and yeah, I put you in that group), I’d think you’d want to avoid that kind of garbage.

    Back on CD5, you have a 15,000 Somalis in Minneapolis, they are a voting force. Omar brings as much to the table as did Michelle “pray the gay away” Bachmann brought to CD6, where a ham sandwich could win – though Bachmann proved that if the ham sandwich smells bad enough (and boy did SHE stink), even in CD6 a Repub might lose.

    So, not sure how CD5 is so very different from CD6. Both are, due to gerrymandering, hugely partisan. Dog Bites Man.

  9. hey Siweetfee, wasn’t Ellison a man? How about Martin Sabo? Don Fraser?? In fact, what is the percentage of Dems in Congress who are men? By contrast what percentage of Repubs are women? I’m going to bet the Dems are a LOT more reflective of our national ethnic and gender make-up, are you saying that’s a bad thing?

    Care to make yet another stupid and wrong-headed claim of sexual bias?

    Women may vote for women and they may well vote for Democratic women, but let’s be real, that might just might be because Repubs have done a piss poor job standing up against bias and abuse. It also might be because they aren’t motivated quite so much by emotional appeals to machismo and tough guy acts, like those Trump does daily, as are some men. Just sayin’.

  10. Emery the Alt-Right is probably half or a quarter of the size Antifa is,. and antifa isnt big despite what people are trying to say.

  11. Stick to phrenology

    What does that even mean?

    Anyway, I’m happy to find out that my memory isn’t completely gone. I thought I recalled that Ilhan made trips to SLP during the campaign to console the Jews there that she isn’t 100% against Jews, just mostly. Like 90%. With that level of antisemitism, she would qualify as an honorary Secular Jew and needn’t worry about the voters there.

  12. I think Emery means that the best way to categorize people is “authority by smear.”

  13. Other than an irrational hatred of the Jewish nation of Israel and the Jewish people who live there, Omar is not an anti-Semite.

  14. It’s sad when one side has only race baiting to offer, that’s why I don’t even like going near the word “anti-semite” per 2 of the squad…doesn’t seem like a useful tactic really, it just stoops to their level though, I am not looking for moral victories.

  15. Hilarious, Some are just a one-trick pony now, pull my string “alt-right” (didn’t we hear that last week?), “racism” and so on, don’cha listen to the Patriot? Larry Elder? By the way, come October, Larry Elder and JC Watt are helping spearhead a black fox news network. I hope it’s in time for 2020. Yeah, Detroit, Baltimore and so on, what have the Dems given African Americans? Don’t ask some others, they are just one trick ponies… again.

  16. jdm,

    As Jewish friends and coworkers have told me many times, libidiot Jews are libidiots first, Jews second. Among conservative Jews, it is a disturbing issue. This explains many of the high profile DemocRAT Jews, but doesn’t answer the question, why are they supporting haters like Tlaib, Omar, etc; who would rather see them dead, even if they have a “D” behind their name.

  17. How about that in Canada with the “Highway of Tears” in British Colombia, those kids on a killing spree, I’ve been watching that story. I don’t mean to go off-topic but I do note, it happens here some time. Those kids, it reminds me of the Satan Metal killers in the past, Night Stalker and so on. I hope they catch them or subdue them before anyone else who is innocent dies.

  18. The question of who is a Jew and who is not a Jew is painful for Jews to consider (I imagine). It’s not quite a religion, and it’s not quite a race. The Nazis, and modern anti-Semites, make no distinction between religious and non-religious Jews, they hate them all. Jews (I’ve heard) don’t consider Jews who have converted to Christianity to be Christians; instead they think of them as bad Jews.
    This is what I’ve heard, anyhow.

  19. Paddyboy is reading a lot like P*n1gma. Coincidence?

    But to his point, it’s worth noting that whoever he is completely missed the sarcasm of Swiftee. Oh well.

  20. Bike Bubba, I’m glad I’m not the only one who read his comment and said “what are you talking about”? Swiftee is explaining why the anti-Semite 5th District will never elect Al Franken, because Ilhan and her Mogadishu crew already threw out the last Jew who ran against her, Phyllis Kahn. Obviously, the comment was meant as a projection of anti-Semitic Democrat 5th District values, not Swiftee’s own values. But the reader couldn’t see that? Wow.

  21. Sorry Peevee, you can’t hide your stupidity behind a(nother) new handle.

    I can smell you a mile away, ya fag.

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