The Strib Is Ilhan Omar’s PR Flack

This hit twitter yesterday; Ilhan Omar’s spin doctor, Ben Goldfarb, caught in the emailed act of trying to fix media and pundit coverage of the perennially-scabrous Ilhan Omar:

Someone should probably reach out to talk off the record and shut it down with him as we do with the Strib“.

Not that this is a mystery to anyone, but it’s still a little jarring to see it in black and white from one of the co-conspirators.

The downside, of course – if the DFL does in fact primary Omar, and manages to replace her (doubtful), they’ll only come up with someone worse.

16 thoughts on “The Strib Is Ilhan Omar’s PR Flack

  1. they’ll only come up with someone worse

    That would be quite a challenge, but the DFL never disappoints.

  2. Hopefully this gets legs and others start telling about how they shut down criticism of the left at their hometown newspapers. There will rightly be H*ll to pay.

  3. I’m not worried about the ones arriving by boat.

    The ones coming from Macalester or Saint Olaf? Them, I worry about.

  4. Nicely timed article on MPR about how there have been no laws broken by IO. Just to help deflect further criticism.

  5. Andrea Jenkins is a writer, performance artist, poet, and transgender activist. She is the first African American openly trans woman to be elected to office in the United States. Jenkins has experience working in community development in North Minneapolis, and in delivering social services in South Minneapolis.

    Jenkins moved to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota in 1979 and was hired by the Hennepin County government, where she worked for a decade. Jenkins worked as a staff member on the Minneapolis City Council for 12 years before beginning work as curator of the Transgender Oral History Project at the University of Minnesota’s Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies.

    Andrea holds a Masters Degree in Community Development from Southern New Hampshire University, a MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University and a Bachelors Degrees in Human Services from Metropolitan State University. She is a nationally and internationally recognized writer and artist, a 2011 Bush Fellow to advance the work of transgender inclusion, and the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships.

    A African American trans woman might be the only way a Somali-Muslim immigrant woman loses her seat.

  6. In all honesty I think that would be more fitting for the DFL since locally and nationally trans rights seem to be the next thing they are really pushing for. Boy they can sure read the tea leaves on what the American people want. Good job finding this gem of a woman? Joe.

  7. To quote the old hippie song by Malvina Renolds…

    Do you think you’ve hit bottom?
    Do you think you’ve hit bottom?
    Oh, no
    There’s a bottom below

  8. I’m not sure why Blows Olson is getting kudos. This email is 3 years old, and if he knew anything about it, he didn’t say anything.

    Personally I think that the DFL is starting to smell their diversity stew starting to burn. They put a Sammi in the SP council temporarily to show virtue, but he wasn’t supposed to run for the seat permanently…he’s told them to stuff it.

    Omar crushed leftist stalwart Kahn like a bug and has hurt the feelz of the Jewish reprobate base, which has all the bucks. Finally, there are Sammis winning elections all over MN.

    They’re trying to stuff the Sammi back into the bottle, but I think it’s too late.

  9. A African American trans woman might be the only way a Somali-Muslim immigrant woman loses her seat.

    I doubt it. The leftists will be conflicted because of all the various boxes that Jenkins checks off, but I would guess that the Somalis would be all-in against (as would any other third-world group).

  10. jdm, the reprobates are in for a big damn surprise once the Sammis get majorities on city councils. It’s the. end. for all their homo programs.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the homo curriculum in public schools that have a lot of Abdi’s attending isn’t the first shot across the bow.

    In fact, the more I think about it, the better I’m liking the idea of the impending muzzy takeover.

  11. BTW. I bet Mr. Goldfarb had to be pretty convincing with his “death to Israel” chant to land a job with Mog Barbie.

  12. “Goldfarb had to be pretty convincing …”
    It is Mr Goldfarb’s ambition to be a macher in CD5 and eventually for the upcoming Senate races.
    As Mogadishu Barbie has observed “Its all about the Benjamins”

  13. This email was part of the Omar Campaign Finance investigation. That’s why it was just released. I assume that any call Blois got about dropping the story was considerably less blunt than this request from Goldfarb. It was probably along the lines of “why are you wasting your time on this right wing conspiracy?” I also assume that local reporters get that response so regularly that it doesn’t qualify as news unless it’s the official response from the Campaign.

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