People Are Basically Trash

Today would have been Anne Frank’s 90th birthday.  

Erin Blakemore has an excellent article on how the Attic may, or may not, have been discovered by the Nazis and their collaborators.  

And I urge you to read Blakemore’s twitter thread (starting below) about the anger she feels seeing the remarks in Frank’s diary about believing in her heart in the goodness of people are so often ripped out of context today:

If you keep reading, you’ll note that Frank – who wrote that three weeks before the Attic was raided – went on to say she had a harder and harder time believing that. Justifiably so.

The Diary of Anne Frank wasn’t the first book I ever read about the Holocaust – The Black Book, Treblinka and Escape from Sobibor all came first – but it was one of many things that convinced me that the hopey-changey of the left were at best a trifle and at worst bait. It started me down the road toward being a Reagan Conservative, a 2nd Amendment activist, and someone who eschews horror movies. Who needs to watch The Walking Dead – cable TV’s excellent show about the complete collapse of civilization – when it’s all right there in history?

5 thoughts on “People Are Basically Trash

  1. I am embarrassed to say that despite being something of a WWII history buff, I have yet to read that book. Ill do that this summer. And to quote Dennis Prager, “The reason young people believe people are basically good is because they have grown up in the USA, not a 3rd world hell hole.”

  2. And I dont know if there is a lower form of life than holocaust deniers. Maybe child molesters…

  3. Black Earth by historian Timothy Snyder is very good. Snyder is interested in how civilized nations — and not just Germany — could, in effect, legalize the murder of innocent non-combatants. He describes how, after WWI and the dissolution of European empires, newly freed nations began to disown their Jewish populations as foreigners. After the outbreak of war, they were viewed by Nazi-friendly government as enemy combatants without a state.
    It could happen again.

  4. And I dont know if there is a lower form of life than holocaust deniers.

    Oh, I dunno about that. Anyone that wants to dispute the fact that when it comes to genocide, the N@zi party takes a distant second place to the Commies is pretty high on my list.

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