Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

When Richard Nixon’s re-election team wanted to know what the opposition was up to, and needed some dirt, they broke into a psychiatrist office in the Watergate apartment complex. The subsequent investigation brought down the president and tainted the Republican party for decades
When Hillary Clinton’s election campaign wanted to know what Trump was up to and needed some dirt, they laundered some money through their Law Firm to pay for a phony dossier, which they shopped to friendly agents in the FBI who used it to get a warrant to wiretap the candidate. The wiretap transcripts were given to the White House, where Susan Rice unmasked the participants in campaign discussions. Everyone who believes that she scrupulously kept that information away from Hillary’s campaign, raise your hands.
Everyone involved knew they were using the national security cover story as a fig leaf to hide their attempt tp play dirty pool in the election. When they got caught, they had no choice but to continue running with it, and got some cover from Never Trumpers to get a special investigator appointed. But it was always a lie, from the very beginning, And everybody knew it except the voting public.
They shouldn’t get away with it.

Joe Doakes

Modern “progressive” politics is always about telling the low-information emotion-driven voter whatever it takes to give you power.

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  1. This is going to make Watergate look like a walk in the park. People will be going to prison for decades over this.

  2. An accurate summary by Mr. Doakes. The “dirty pool” he describes is usually referred to in the establishment media as “opposition research.”

    “They shouldn’t get away with it.”

    They will. Not only did they get away with it, but they transformed their scandal into a pretext for investigating President Trump and putting the Republicans on the defensive for the last two years. To coin a phrase, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

  3. Nixon paid with his office and legacy; his underlings did time.

    Cankles worst sin was the compromise of TS/SAP intelligence. If she didn’t do time for that, she was never going to do any. She was denied the office, and never had a legacy worth protecting. Carlos Danger did her time. Her punishment was spending a month walking in the woods, nursing gin and tonics and mumbling incoherently to herself.

    No high office holder will ever see the inside of a prison cell. Only the extremely gullible among the population thinks otherwise.

  4. As opposed to Hillary who convinced her followers that Trump is a traitor and agent of the Kremlin…

  5. No high office holder will ever see the inside of a prison cell. Only the extremely gullible among the population thinks otherwise.

    When I said people I didnt mean Hillary, there will be low level stooges that take the blame and do the decades in prison.

  6. It’s not a theory, Emery. between twenty and thirty FBI & Justice Department officials have been fired, forced to resign, or have been demoted because of activities which violated the law or department regulations, all related to the FBI’s use of a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. There are crimes, and the names of the actors are known. The question is how high up did it go?
    This is fact, not theory: Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, as part of his job working for the Clinton campaign, developed salacious, unverified oppo research on Trump (“The Steele Dossier). This info was shared with JD official Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, a Fusion GPS employee. She shared it with her husband, who forwarded it to the FBI. The FBI then claimed that this was high value intelligence to the FISA court.
    Ohr was not the only person to give the unverified oppo research to the FBI. A total of five transfers of the Steele dossier & other Clinton oppo research have been acknowledged, all of them sourced to Clinton-controlled figures like Glenn Simpson, Cody Shearer, and Sydney Blumenthal.
    It’s all right there in congressional testimony.

  7. “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down,” said Donald Trump to Alex Jones.

    You know who else has been on Jones’ show spreading lies and conspiracies?

    Of the two, Trump is the more dangerous by far.

  8. Emery is going to need to be committed before the 2020 election…

  9. Why hasn’t the Trump DOJ opened any inquiries into the conspiracies you promote. They’ve had over two years to do so…

  10. Because Mueller et al were already suggesting redefining obstruction of justice to include actions Trump might take to defend himself, Emery. Trump didn’t dare at the time. Plus, a lot of the worst actors were outing themselves. Why take action when the enemy is immolating himself already?

    Personally, I think it’s very instructive that guys like Peter Strzok seemed to show up at every politically significant investigation and seemed to make every decision in favor of the left. I think it’s very significant that the FBI ignored an open and shut case against Hilliary Clinton, not even convening a grand jury to get evidence and look at the server, while putting Trump and his staffers through a full body cavity exam. I think it’s very instructive that apparently the careers of a couple of dozen people were destroyed when they omitted protections in FISA applications and the like.

  11. Until I studied the issue in depth this AM, I thought there was a single thread connecting Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS & the Steele Dossier to the FBI. There were, in fact, five vectors of attack, five “independent” deliveries of the Steele Dossier to the FBI, all originating with Hillary partisans.
    Sure looks like a conspiracy to me.

  12. Tell us again, Emery, how Hillary is going to win by a landslide. Tell us again how Brexit is going to wreck the UK economy.

  13. These claims of Obama administration and justice department corruption are about as true as Trump’s claims about Obama’s birth certificate. That’s the crux of the average Trump supporter at this point. Here’s a “real” fact for you. In Obama’s 8 years, zero criminal indictments, zero convictions and zero prison sentences. I’ll let you look up what Trump’s tally is thus far.

    Both the Clinton and Nixon impeachments ultimately hinged on obstruction of justice;
    that little detail on which Mueller did not exonerate Trump.

  14. Its so easy to catch you in a lie Emery that its almost no fun
    “zero criminal indictments, zero convictions”
    – General David Petraeus

    Just another intentional oversight on your part?

  15. Last week I heard Andrew Klavan refer to Russian Collusion as the Left’s Birtherism. My immediate thought was, “It’s funny that both conspiracy theories came out of the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.”

  16. Yes, zero indictments, zero convictions. That happens, Emery, when your Attorney General describes himself as your “wingman” instead of investigating crimes, even meeting with the husband of a person currently under investigation.

    And you can see it in the report they issued about the IRS scandal. They interviewed a whole 100 people in a two year review–don’t overwork yourselves, boys! That’s what a typical homicide investigation will interview in the course of a few days if possible, for comparison’s sake. They then decided that it was “management problems”, for which they had no fixes.

    Try that with an 8D or other corrective action report in the private sector, and be ready for the other side to rip you a new one. How Obama “handled” things shows he was perfectly fine with how things were working out.

  17. Here’s another picture of the Obama DOJ “effort” to “find the real killer” in the IRS scandal; the DOJ did 100 interviews in as many weeks. The Chicago PD did about that many for Jussie Smollett’s fraud in a week or two.

    Again, if you show up at an 8D/corrective action review with that level of effort in the private sector, or for that matter any public sector area where people actually care about things, it will not be pleasant. But the Obama “DOJ” got away with it because, you know, Obama.

  18. Hillary’s never been convicted of anything. There are no witnesses. The trail of bodies behind her is sheer coincidence.

  19. Woolly wrote: “Tell us again how Brexit is going to wreck the UK economy.”

    How much more evidence does the UK need to understand that Brexit is a catastrophic failure?

    The Brexiteers won one vote in June 2016, and they have lost every day ever since.

  20. If Brexit occurs and is a failure, it would be a failure because (a) Britain would have abandoned its historic free trade policies and/or (b) the EU cut off its nose to spite its face by installing huge punitive duties on British goods. Reality is that, apart from doing stupid stuff like ordering Britons to buy their bananas in kilograms instead of pounds, the EU’s impact on Britain is marginal. They never adopted the Euro, etc..

    We can’t actually have data, since it hasn’t occurred yet, but we can process the logic. The most likely scenario for problems is the EU being dingbats and self-immolating their own economies in a fit of pique, which is exactly the sort of thing that led to Brexit passing in the first place.

  21. A quick look at the British economy since the Brexit vote shows mixed data.
    The value of the pound has fallen compared to the euro.
    The number of immigrants is down.
    Unemployment has improved. British GDP has increased.
    If you look at a graph showing common economic measures, it’s difficult to pick out the point when the Brext vote took place.
    Here’s something interesting: When I google “brexit” the top twenty links returned are anti-Brexit news articles.

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    Looking at this from abroad, it’s safe to say Brexit has ruined the reputation of the UK. It will take a generation for this to be forgotten.

    The damage continues due to the casual nature by which “no deal” is being considered a serious option by large numbers of MPs, despite the obvious risk of massive financial damage and trade disruption. Who would ever want to invest in a country like this?

  23. Progressives are the ultimate “Jewish Mothers”

    No, you can’t shoot fireworks, you’ll blow off your fingers and set fire to the roof.
    No, you can’t drive 70 mph, you’ll crash and die.
    No, you can’t pay cash, you’ll use it to buy drugs and filthy magazines.
    No, you can’t leave the EU, you’ll starve and freeze to death.

    It’ll all end in tears!

    Kinda gets tiresome after a while.

  24. Also ^

    No, you cant elect Trump, he’ll destroy our economy and make us less safe internationally.

  25. Woolly: The UK has buyer’s remorse; they were promised something that doesn’t exist.

    It’s very similar to when children find out Santa doesn’t exist and their parents have been playing that role all along.

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