Theater Of The Vapid

Denied a chance to run the policy table by the fact that they don’t control the Senate, DFLers in the upper house are going to try to bully and shame Republicans into submission with today’s “Committee On Banned Bills” “hearing” at the Senate.

“These bills have huge public support and are common sense ideas,” Sen. Little continued, “They’ve been banned for completely crass partisan reasons; because they are targeting certain seats, and don’t want to give certain people any achievements to campaign with. But the senate can’t make good decisions if major options aren’t even on the table. Partisan games like this are rigging our democracy, and blocking bills that voters really want.” 
The Senate Committee on Banned Bills (COBB) is slated to review the proposed bills, take testimony from citizens and expert witnesses [of the caliber of Nancy Nord Bence – Ed.], and debate the merits of each policy.  A wide array of bills will be introduced during the hearing, including legislation dealing with paid family medical leave, gun safety, and the health care provider tax [agenda and complete list of members and bills below].

The bills include:

  1. SF 434 – Latz – Universal gun registration
  2. SF 399 – Hayden – MinnesotaCare provider tax repeal
  3. SF 1012 – Torres Ray – Increase Teachers of Color Act strengthening and appropriation
  4. SF 1060 – Kent – Paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant’s serious medical condition benefits establishment; employment leaves authorization and regulation; data classification authorization and appropriation 
  5. SF 856 – Champion – Right to vote restoration upon incarceration release or sentencing imposition; county attorney voter registration and eligibility investigation obligation repeal
  6. SF 208 – Pappas – Resolution memorializing Congress to remove the deadline for ratification of the equal rights amendment by the states
  7.  SF 200 – Cohen – Constitutional amendment for gender equality under the law

These are the DFL’s priorities – and they clearly believe there are enough uninformed people out there to give them a win.

They may be right.

16 thoughts on “Theater Of The Vapid

  1. The “Increase Teachers of Color Act strengthening and appropriation’ bill is actually a mechanism to shame black people.

    The global IQ average for Negro people is 75. American blacks tend to score a bit higher, but still 10 points below everyone else. It’s also true that the mean for the entire American population has been trending downwards the last few decades; every year, there’s less smart people in America. These are indisputable facts.

    What we are seeing in education is no surprise. Smart American Negroes use their gifts and education to make money and provide a high standard of living for their families. They see the leftist rat nest the teaching profession has become and don’t want to be part of it any more than smart Caucasians.

    That leaves the less gifted black population from which to recruit public school teachers. Despite vigorous recruitment programs, racial quotas and subsidized tuition at elite universities, specialized (read lower standards) licensing criteria for “people of color’, there’s no takers.

    Undeterred, Minnesota reprobates wish to “strengthen” their gibs offering.

    It’s not their fault. Why does the reprobate left take such pleasure in shaming black people?

  2. It might be worth letting Torres Ray have this one – then she’d have a record of “real accomplishment” to run on when she takes on Ilhan Omar for CD5 in next year’s primary. Face it, the low information/low IQ voters of CD5 will not elect a conservative but they can be persuaded to vote out a virulent anti-semite pro hamas Islamic jihadist.

  3. I don’t get it. Other than obsequious virtue-signaling and free publicity-seeking through the lapdog media, what is to be gained, here, so long as the GOP ignores the siren song of stupidity in the Senate?

  4. I dunno, Mac. Omar has the potential to do some serious damage to the degenerates. I’m still hedging my bets on the matter of her immigration fraud and bigamy.

    The New Yorker just did a little puff piece, but was obligated to bring the issue up. Note that it says her marital status is ‘complicated”, mentions the allegation she married her brother, but does not deny it.

    There is a there, there IMO. Sooner or later, someone will jump on it. Proving they voted for a felon will be a nice suit to hang on the degenerates.

  5. Minnesota Democrats don’t control the legislature so they can’t get their agenda adopted. If only they had an experienced political leader to guide them, to give them words of wisdom, such as: “Elections have consequences and at the end of the day, they won.”

    Or maybe: “When those people win, they get to keep their money. When we win, we get to take their money.”

    Or possibly: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    Surely there must be some prominent Democrat to advise them . . . .

  6. “Surely there must be some prominent Democrat to advise them . . . .”

    well, what about Amy “Where’s my comb” Klobuchar?

  7. Too many grammatical symbols, Mac. I noticed you spelled things correctly too. How do you think that made those who are less grammatically inclined feel? Hurt. Aggressed on.

  8. Mac, I don’ think he NYer defamed Johnson, but they didn’t do him, ot the readers justice, either. Omar has never outright denied the accusations against her, and the author of that piece played along with her.

    There is persistent and credible evidence o suggest Omar married her brother, to defraud US immigration and secure financial assistance for college, while still married to the father of her issue.

    Alpha news, in particular, has done some actual journalistic investigations into the matter. Honestly, i don’t know why someone doesn’t call for a congressional ethics committee hearing.

    If she is guilty of these crimes, she needs to be brought to justice, which we would hope, includes revoking her citizenship and removal from the county: there is precedence for doing that. If’s she’s innocent, she shouldn’t have her reputation sullied. Let’s get to the truth, for Allah’s sake.

  9. What’s with the latest headlines, that Omar used campaign funds for a divorce lawyer? What kind of “crisis management” advice can a divorce lawyer give a politician? Squelching questions about her marriage to her brother? Sounds as if Scott Johnson was onto something and Omar knew it.

  10. That one struck me as well. Her divorce was finalized in 2017, and then in 2018, she was accused of using campaign funds to pay her divorce lawyer. Her excuse–that it was for campaign issues–belies the fact that family law and campaign law are usually separate, and it’s generally not a good idea to use a family lawyer for campaign law, and vice versa. Plus, it’s the wrong time to be dealing with campaign related issues.

    On the better side, she did at least try to deal with the allegation she’d married her brother by showing (but not providing) immigration documents to a reporter. Obviously one cannot say how authoritative it is, since nobody provided the actual documents, but….

  11. “Obviously one cannot say how authoritative it is, since nobody provided the actual documents, but….”

    Oh please.

  12. Swiftee: one might infer, yes, that since the original documents were not provided, that Rep. Omar wasn’t providing sufficient information. That noted, the bigger charge against Omar’s case is how she attacked people instead of providing evidence when the charges came out.

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