Price hikes brought about by New York City’s new $15 minimum wage are causing some consumer heartburn.


Some New Yorkers are displeased with one of the more predictable outcomes of a $15 minimum wage—restaurants all over the city are raising their prices, according to the New York Post.

The city’s minimum wage went up to $15 from $13 or $13.50 at the beginning of 2019, boosting the paychecks for numerous lower-wage workers.
Those who rely on restaurants regularly for their daily lunches, however, aren’t as happy.
“It’s obnoxious—kind of a slap in the face,” Starbucks patron Edward Beck told the Post. “Another increase, and I won’t come back.”
Restaurants are raising prices to adjust for the higher salaries they must pay workers. But, they’re increasingly worried about discouraging customers with too-high prices.
“[Restaurants] feel they’re getting to a point where the customer might reject the higher prices, choose a different way to eat out, or eat their own food,” said Melissa Fleischut, president and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association.

“But…but, it’s from The Blaze! Your source has a point of view, and therefore is invalid!”

The same precise story is behind the lines of this story from that noted conservative tool, the Star Tribune, from last year; a local restaurant mainstay is losing customers, price point and restaurant jobs due in large part to all that social justice they’re paying for.

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  1. Some New Yorkers are displeased with one of the more predictable outcomes of a $15 minimum wage—restaurants all over the city are raising their prices, according to the New York Post.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, what the heck did you think was going to happen? People literally warned you of this and it was still done, I have zero sympathy for you idiots.

  2. I suspect the do-gooders promoting these ideas think every commercial enterprise is like Amazon, with billions in receipts and executives taking home millions.

    Job-shadow the owner of a small town diner or mid-town cafe for a week. Work the same hours, deal with the same hassles, then look at her tax returns to see the annual take-home pay.

    Now tell me “the owner can easily pay it out of profits.”

  3. I am reminded of that old John Kennedy’s stolen quote: “Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.” –George Bernard Shaw

    the reason these things “never were” is because they are not possible in the reality in which most of us live. For a liberal, of course, imagining something makes it so, and the positive proof that it is not – totally sufficient for most of us – means nothing to them.

  4. Saw another related lament from the NY Slimes where workers are being fired for no reason. Of course, NY is an “at will” state and some of the stories quoted lead the more intelligent readers to say, “dog whistle”.

  5. J.Ewing,

    Thats a big difference between right and left, we realize you cant make a Utopia so you just do the best you can. They want to create a Utopia on Earth (There’s also a religious component to this but Im not going to touch that right now)

  6. Walked into an Arby’s in Rochester last night. There was only one person working there, so we had to try to use the kiosk. Nobody could. The touch screen didn’t react most of the time when you touched it, the menu of options didn’t provide a path to what we wanted: sliders and the employee back in the kitchen simply hid when we asked for help.

    Did anyone test their kiosk system before they released it?

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