Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

In 1967, just after Congress adopted LBJ’s Great Society including the War on Poverty, Petula Clark had a hit single with “Don’t Sleep in the Subway.” 
50 years later, sleeping on the subway it still a problem in New York and it’s spreading to Los Angeles.  At what point do we concede we’ve been defeated, and agree to end the war?

You don’t need to go to NYC to see this, by the way. The Vomit Comit (AKA “Green Line”) is a de facto homeless shelter from after dark until sometime during rush hour.

2 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. Could we change the “Green and Blue” line designations to something more descriptive? Airport and University lines gives people an idea of which is which without having to be a light rail expert.

    Like the change from Lindbergh and Humphrey terminals to 1 and 2. You still have to have familiarity with the airport to know which is which. Should have gone with Main and Satellite or Auxiliary.

  2. I pay attention to local market rates for apartment rentals. Noticed an ad the other day for a 1 bedroom loft apartment in the Union Depot in St. Paul for $1500/month. The ad extolled the virtues of living close to everything, including the Green Line. The photos of the interior weren’t very impressive, but there was a nice shot of the Union Depot lobby – which was turned into an emergency homeless shelter in the last Polar Vortex. I’m not sure that is the neighbors I’m looking for in a $1500 apartment.

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