Everything’s A Conflict

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

In the latest Bar Association magazine, there’s an article calling on lawyers to provide more free legal work to help society, especially people who have been neglected or underrepresented or oppressed. 
In the same magazine, there’s an article telling lawyers: “Misgendering a person – such as referring to someone as “sir” or “she” when they are not – is an act of gender violence.
So I should volunteer to help someone who will be offended by my help?  Wouldn’t it be better for both of us if I did nothing? 

Big Left these days reminds me of a cop who gives out contradictory orders, to assure the person they’re yelling at does something they can arrest them for.

2 thoughts on “Everything’s A Conflict

  1. Speaking of the Bar Association, if I was in a legal practice, I’d be preparing myself for a flurry of demands to dole out Free legal services to the mob of low IQ, uneducated, unskilled Mastizos heading for our border…And not just help with bamboozling immigration and customs.

    I’ve read there are hundreds of tort claims in the pipeline right now, and they’re gonna need free help to get at that free stuff.

    In the current year, the Trojan horse is a burro (pronounce that bourrrrro, amigo), and it’s stuffed full of lawsuits, briefs, writs, pleadings and all the other assorted flavors of legal Bullshit.

    The nice thing about invading with paper is, you can make airplanes with it, and send them over the wall to your friendly ACLU or Laywers Guild representative waiting patiently to receive them.

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