Perhaps…Build A Wall?

In 1961, alarmed by the flight of their “nation’s” best and brightest (and fastest, and most prescient), the “government” of East Germany built a wall…

…not to keep NATO out, but to keep the population in.

Government believed that it was a proprietor, and that someone was shoplifting its property – the people.

Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to have the same idea about “his” people:

This week the Governor of New York blamed budget shortfalls on the state of Florida.

He said New Yorkers are fleeing to the sunshine state to save big time on taxes.

It all goes back to the tax reform passed by Congress. The changes increased the incentive to move to the sunshine state dramatically.

Cuomo is going to find out (not that he’s bright enough to understand it) what every crypto-socialist finds out (but isn’t bright enough to understand); capital moves.

12 thoughts on “Perhaps…Build A Wall?

  1. It would never occur to Commie Cuomo that all of the free stuff that he and his DemocRAT cronies voted to give to illegals, actually costs money. But, NY’s budget problems couldn’t possibly be due to their own financial illiteracy.

  2. Crap, unless they have a political awakening this migration will cause Florida to go from toss up/slight lean Republican to solid D

  3. One of the biggest difference between the Republicans and Democrats today is that Republicans believe the money you earn is your and they should take as little as possible. The Democrats believe the money you earn is theirs and they graciously allow you to keep half (or less) of it so you can live your meaningless little life.

  4. Half my DNA is from NY. I am so glad my Mom left the state when she was 19 and never looked back.

  5. Minnesota has come up with a number of ways to proclaim you are still a resident even when you move out of state; I’m sure New York could do the same if it isn’t already.

  6. Night,

    Good point. Fauxcahontas Warren has been touting that strategy at the Federal level. No matter where your assets are in the world, we’ll get our money from you. Ever noticed how the exorbitant top rates that idiot Dems like her propose, rarely impacts even the richest Democrats?

  7. Night, Rush Limbaugh was audited annually by New York state after he moved to Florida, he had to prove that he wasn’t in New York too many days.

  8. Once New York moves to Florida they will discover that they created the mess in New York and brought it with them.

  9. POD, one can only hope that someone that has pulled up stakes, loaded up the truck, left all their friends wouldn’t forget why they had to go through all that trouble.

    Texas is where our concerns should be.

    Reprobates leaving leftist sh1tholes like California to chase a jobs that relocated to Texas are a different breed. They didn’t see anything wrong with where they cam from, and were ready to dump their carpet bag full of sh1t in their new state. I worked at semi-conductor wafer fabs in Austin in the early 90’s, had an apartment on 3rd street downtown!

    A lot of the natives were already taking note of the influx of scumbags, and were concerned…they had good reason to be.

  10. I have heard whispers of that. We lose Texas were doomed electorally for a generation.

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