Democracy Dies In Emergency

On the one hand? If you recall when Harry Reid torched the filibuster for judicial nominees, we limited government conservatives warned that “You folks may not control the Senate forever, so you might wanna be careful”. Trump’s use of a “National Emergency” to get more border funding is kinda the same idea. A future Democrat president could declare “non-living wages” a national emergency.

On the other hand? It kind of already a response like that. Obama outran Congress like Walter Payton outrunning the ’85 Vikings using a raft of Executive Orders. Is the border wall any worse than DACA?

On the other, other hand? I don’t think Trump necessarily intended to provoke a frenzied overreach on the Dems’ part – but it’d be hard to imagine how he could have done it better than he did:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said President Trump’s plan to use a national emergency declaration to unilaterally provide federal funding for a border wall would set a precedent Republicans may come to regret.
Democrats, she said, could use it later to enact their own priorities, such as increasing gun control.
“Why don’t you declare that a national emergency? I wish you would,” Pelosi during a press conference Thursday, noting it was the one-year anniversary of the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., that killed 17 students and staff. “But a Democratic president can do that.”

The NRA is going to need to rent more phone lines to take the membership calls, now.

54 thoughts on “Democracy Dies In Emergency

  1. his is a transparent us-vs-them radicalization tactic. Every time I see it used, a klaxon sounds and a red flag waves, then I wonder whether you’re simply deluded or some kind of paid troll.

    Go back and look at Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, that is basically how Obama painted Romney. If you think only the right side of the political spectrum does it Emery you have massive blinders on.

  2. Emery, the problem isn’t that the people who do not support Trump are socialists (though some of them are, they even call themselves socialists). The problem is that they are irrational haters. There are people high in the Democrat Party & the media who want Trump impeached but cannot even tell you what they want to impeach him for.
    You have people who were once considered intellectual superstars (i.e. Lawrence Tribe) who are saying things about Trump that are batshit crazy. Adam Schiff is now saying that if Mueller finds no clear and convincing evidence of collusion with the Russians (which isn’t illegal anyway), he will use his committee to find the evidence. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi is trying to convince journalists that there is nothing political about investigating Trump
    There is a crazy train coming down the line, and it is not being driven by Trump or the GOP.

  3. Not to worry. AOC and her band of socialists are the best insurance Republicans have going forward.

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