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  1. “In 1934 Hitler confiscated all mugs and banned hot beverages for this very reason.” Got caught laughing out loud at work. Classic!

  2. Oh god, cant spell delusional without loser (well minus the r but you get the point.) time to go read that thread.

  3. Forget the comments, read her bio:

    Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. All tweets self-destruct after 7 days. Selfless and brave. Pre-order my book.

    These creatures do not exist in nature. They are artificial constructs of the post-industrial revolution, and the logical conclusion of the triumph of Capitalism over the struggle for daily survival.

    Yes, your forefathers crossed the country in covered wagons, cleared forests, battled hostile Indian tribes, suffered and died, so that one day, American public schools could turn out this product.

    Sadly, if servers do not survive the coming collapse, or they are unable to reinstall the necessary drivers, our progeny will never know of the moonbat branch of the human evolutionary tree when society finally gets going again.

    And if they are not warned, it’s only a matter of time before someone suggests everyone should pitch some of their property into the Free Stuff pile to help the less fortunate; and “should pitch” will turn to “will pitch”, and the whole cycle will start again.

  4. It might be a parody, but those are fun, too. For years, I used a coffee mug with the logo of the University of Northern Colorado intramural basketball team, which is composed entirely of Native American students. They adopted the logo and slogan to raise awareness of college mascot issues. People loved their logo and slogan so much the team sold branded products to raise money for college scholarships. I broke my cup and the replacement cups aren’t the same. Still love the logo. Probably couldn’t get it past HR, though.

  5. She reminds me of a female version of Garth Algar. Party On!

    Side note; Tom Lehrer stopped doing satire because he became convinced that it really didn’t achieve anything–besides delight conservatives who still love his music, of course. One comment he made was that if satire achieved anything, the German Kabarette would have doomed Hitler. So Garthette has some good company.

  6. To go off of BB’s point, I am watching The Man In The High Castle right now on Amazon Prime (get series btw, halfway through season 2 now, no spoilers please) I am convinced that satire and making fun of Hitler is a large part of why we were able to bring down the Reich and Imperial Japan. If there’s one thing that Nazis and Leftist definitely have in common (well, one among MANY) is lack of sense of humor about themselves. As I have said before, if you cant laugh at yourself you don’t have a right to laugh at anyone else. Humor is vital to freedom, something a lot of people don’t realize.

  7. Joe, I KNEW I’d seen that mug of yours somewhere–I was in Boulder when those fine young folks started that. Hopefully a couple of young people are now doing great things because you cared enough to laugh at yourself.

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