Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Not only are electric cars mere displacement vehicles (they run on electricity generated by burning coal instead of running on gasoline so they still pollute, they simply displace the pollution to Monticello instead of Como Park), now we learn they aren’t capable of driving to Monticello and back if the weather is cold.
But not to fear.  Rep. Ilhan is working on raising your taxes to force more of us to drive less.  It’s her “stay at home and watch TV all day” doctrine.  Looking at the snow falling again this morning, actually, I’m kind of on board with that.

That’s what they’re counting on.

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  1. From the perspective of those living in the 4th and 5th congressional districts coming back from Monticello would probably be considered the more important part of that trip. Unless, of course, one blew the entire charge and headed to St Cloud because the city council there got itself invested in another giveaway scheme for more Somali immigrants. Or bike paths. Or low-income housing.

  2. I am surprised that more people, including conservatives, have not pointed out that the “Green New Deal” will make us poorer even if it works as planned. No air travel. Fewer cars, less travel altogether, smaller homes that are colder in the winter. Yet you will spend more for fuel than you do now. And, of course, no beef at the super market. Consumption of consumer goods increases carbon emmissions, there is no way around that, so consumption of consumer goods must be reduced.
    Except for the elite, of course.
    Greenie & NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman is married to a woman who inherited a fortune made by building suburban shopping malls. Friedman & spouse built a 14,000 square foot mansion on a lot in Maryland after clearing a few acres of trees. Friedman is proud of the fact that he bought carbon offsets to supposedly pay for the environmental damage caused by constructing his home.

  3. MP,
    And those carbon credits went right into the pockets of Al Gore and Goldman Sachs, the inventors of that Ponzi scheme. They are rejoicing that suckers like Friedman bought into the scam, even if he is one of them.

  4. Can you trade in carbon offset futures?
    That would be cool. Getting rich, saving the earth by moving money around from bank account to bank account without planting a single tree or reducing any actual carbon emission.

  5. I suppose I shouldn’t be, but I am constantly surprised at the acceptance of blatant in-your-face corruption by the left, the “little people”, the voters, as long as it’s their side.

  6. The problem is Green advocates rely on words, when everybody knows a picture is much more persuasive and an interactive video, even more so.

    They need to produce a video game where Americans don’t have cars but still travel, don’t eat beef but still have oxen, don’t burn natural gas but still heat their homes in winter. Fortunately, that game already exists.

    Oregon Trail.

  7. I prefer a game where plucky settlers raise an entire continent from the neolithic to the high industrial age in five centuries.

  8. I don’t get Friedman’s thinking. Wouldn’t it better to buy the carbon offsets & still choose to live in a modest home? I keep picturing him replacing hundreds of lightbulbs with CFL’s and having recycling bins at the curb of his mansion.
    Or maybe I do get his thinking. The idea is not to reduce carbon emmissions, but to license them. Poor folks take a lifestyle hit, but not the elites.

  9. They need to produce a video game where Americans don’t have cars but still travel, don’t eat beef but still have oxen, don’t burn natural gas but still heat their homes in winter. Fortunately, that game already exists.

    Oregon Trail.

    Have no fear, Obamacare will take care of your dysentery.

  10. I’m with MP on Friedman. Hey, if a 14000 square foot home floats his boat and he’s not hurting anyone else, fine, but please don’t tell me you’re being environmentally conscious when you’re doing that. And I’ll act like climate change is a crisis when the elites who are telling me that start acting like it.

    Regarding AOC, it’s yet another example of how the lady has no freaking clue how the food she eats and the liquors she used to serve got to Gotham and other big cities.

  11. Bike, that’s not a new problem. 40 years ago, at a college party, a guy told a joke about standing on a ladder in a hog barn and dropping his screwdriver into the waste produced by 1,000 tons of bacon. A girl at the party asked where the bacon came from. Everybody looked at her in confusion until someone asked: “Where does bacon come from?” “From the store, duh.”

  12. Mogadishu Barbie has bigger problems than a call to raise taxes. Seems she just cannot go a week without slagging the Jews. Being the 1/4 wit she is, she doesn’t Big contributors to the reprobate party. They’re not necessarily big fans of Zionisim, but they also get a bad feeling when their race is openly targeted by muzzies.

    I give the chances of her impeachment to be about 50/50 at this point.

  13. Don’t know about any one else, but I like to start my week off with a big, steaming cup of moderation.

  14. Well, Swiftee, Mogadishu Barbie apologized and thanked her Jewish colleagues for teaching her. Accordingly, in the world of leftist double standards, that absolves her of her sins.

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