“Unexpected” Omission

American public media reports – or, in a sense, “Reports” – on the ironic rising cost of water in several Great Lakes-area cities and, naturally, its disproportionate effect on the poor.

The cities – they focus most especially on Cleveland, Detroit, Duluth, Buffalo and Chicago – have water rates that are rising extremely fast, as the ageing infrastructure starts to give out.

What it doesn’t mention?

Every one of the cities has been run by Democrats, according to Democrat priorities, as long as anyone can remember.

3 thoughts on ““Unexpected” Omission

  1. More importantly you also forgot that sales of private jets are at a record high, especially the second hand market (a pre-owned Falcon 7X is almost impossible to find).

    Don’t be a spoiled sport — you will be labelled a Soci@list if you keep talking about things that really matter in the real world.

  2. Regarding Detroit and Chicago, one big problem they have is that the city fathers of a century ago did a great job with the water systems. They learned from the epidemics of the past and really built the water systems to LAST. Most of Chicago’s suburbs use Chicago water, as do most of Detroit’s.

    The trouble with this is that through the decades–and yes Democrats have a LOT to do with this–those running the cities decided to wait decades without doing maintenance and upgrades, basically jury-rigging the system as long as they could.

  3. We’d be remiss to omit the fact that the Flint Michigan lead scandal was started by customers that didn’t pay their bills.

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