White As The Driven Audience

Amy “The Slugger” Klobuchar announced her candidacy for President during a snowstorm yesterday.

A friend of the blog writes:

Saw no African Americans. Other then on the podium. __ One,only one Rainbow flag. Very ELCA crowd. Throw in a sprinkling of UCC.

Tne DFL’s props department was apparently stuck in a snowdrift.

10 thoughts on “White As The Driven Audience

  1. Reminds of the time i saw Al Franken & Garrison Keillor interviewed at the Mn State Fair. The audience was a total white out.

  2. Her propaganda department aka the media, made sure to find some woman allegedly from Michigan and another guy allegedly from Chicago, who drove over here “to support her”. Of course, they followed the left wing script to the letter, fawning all over her.

  3. Possibly this will shape up as a contest between the centrist progressives and the radical progressives with the other centrists limping in third due to weak brand projection towards a public thirsting for change.

    A standby of American presidential politics is the “more of the same” politician dressed up in the clothes of change huffing and puffing away with the lofty but empty rhetoric. 

    Strong brand beats weak brand.  Real brand beats Washington brand.

  4. The Democrats need to ask the question:

    “How did they lose to someone like Trump?”

    Let’s face it, that wasn’t easy

  5. Big questions running around the reprobate community about A-Klo’s reputation for being a real beotch to work for. Evidently her office led the Hill in turnover for the past 16 years, and she’s having trouble hiring a campaign manager.

    Personally, I have zero f*cks to give about ill treatment of anyone that would take a job with any reprobate in office, but on the off chance sure bet that any of the wounded snowflakes that quit her is a homosexual, or a woman, or a Negro, or a Muslim, or all of the above I’d be real concerned if I were her.

  6. BTW. Sure, sure; all her supporters are Caucasian, but they all hate themselves for it and at the end of the day that’s all that matters to the reprobates.

  7. Also, since she gets all her polling data from Twitter, Mogadishu Barbie evidently thinks she’s a key player in DC, now. I wouldn’t rule out a primary challenge for the reprobate endorsement for Pres. She’d kick A-Klo’s ass.

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