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I’ve been reading “The Girls Are Gone”, by my old friend and former NARN co-host Michael Brodkorb and Allison Mann.

Do I recommend it?

Why, yes I do!

This case goes over so much material near and dear to my heart – family court reform, the bizarre “Judicial Election” cult in Minnesota, Michelle MacDonald in general – that I really can’t stop reading.

Michael may be a polarizing figure – but he’s done yeoman’s work covering this case.   The story is very very worth a read.

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  1. I followed this case pretty diligently through Brodkorb’s reporting, gaining information and insight (conjecture, anyway) on the mother and her attorney, and the girls to some extent. The father was always an afterthought, it seemed to me. It was a pretty devastating accusation laid against him, and echoed by the mother’s supporters, but not much else. I’m interested to read in the write-ups of the book that the co-author, Allison Mann, was working at the law firm representing the father, David Rucki. I’m looking forward to getting more of his story and ordeal.

  2. How many pages? Do ya get at least a month’s worth of wipes out of it?

    Seriously, fuck Brodkorb and his craptastic book.

  3. Bought the book. Kindle edition, so Swiftee will have to use the Strib for TP. Interesting and scary. What piqued my interest was the reference to Michelle MacDonald, who, as it happens, was my divorce attorney back in 2002 and seemed fairly much down the middle back then. However, for reasons I won’t go into, I attempted to get a reduction in spousal maintenance (alimony for those who haven’t had to pay it) in 2004, and again used Ms. MacDonald as my attorney. After we filed the petition, we had a hearing before the judge that was basically going to decide the case . To my surprise and horror, Ms. McDonald demonstrated no skills in a courtroom as a litigator. She had no command of the facts, stammered a great deal and looked like the proverbial deer in the headlights. I was not allowed to address the judge directly during the proceedings. That would have guaranteed a contempt citation. I did my best to direct Ms. MacDonald through our side of the case, whispering to her and gesturing frantically at my notes. In the end, I lost my case. Probably wouldn’t have won anyway but I’ll always wonder.

  4. Someone in the Basket of Proud Deplorables group on FB pleaded with the group to vote for Michelle MacDonald because of her staunch conservatism. I didn’t feel comfortable enough in my knowledge of her “antics” to rebut her wish and ask people to NOT vote for her because she’s batshit crazy. I voted for her opponent, if only to have a vote count against her. Fortunately she lost 55/43.

  5. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, I don’t loath Brodkorb because he’s become the darling of the reprobate left.

    I loath him because he’s a lying motherfucker who bilked me out of a donation to his legal fight with the leftists who were trying to doxx him back in his MinnDemsExposed days.

    I marked him for the POS he is the day he admitted he was a GOP operative, despite swearing he was not.

    I despise liars.

  6. Golfdoc, I’m sorry you got fleeced by an incompetent lawyer; lots of them out there.

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