A Brief Absence Of PC Misery To Us, One And All

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Before “A Christmas Carol,” the holiday of Christmas in the English-speaking world was nothing to get excited about.  The important event in Christianity was rising from the dead, at Easter.

We know, of course, that Catholics hyped Christmas in pagan lands to compete with the winter solstice, adopted the Tanenbaum as the Christmas Tree, and somehow conflated the stories of King Wenceslas, Bishop Nicholas, Father Christmas and Kris Kringle into Santa Claus, made famous in America by the Coca Cola advertising campaign.

It’s our last surviving holiday.  Easter is too Christian, Fourth of July is too jingoistic, Halloween is offensive to Wiccans, Thanksgiving – don’t even get me started on cultural genocide.  Christmas – with Frosty and Rudolph and the Grinch – brings back childhood memories of a time when there was magic in the world and if you could stay awake late enough, you’d see Santa with your own eyes.

That’s why Christmas decorations appear in the stores before Halloween, why Christmas sales make or break retailers, and why Christmas credit card debt is the leading cause of family stress leading to February bankruptcies and divorces . . . we’re desperately trying to hang onto one thin sliver of happiness, one day of relief from the endless grinding politically correct bullshit all the rest of the year, trying to escape the lives people lived before “A Christmas Carol.”

The capacity of the American Left to impose misery on their fellow humans – and to get their little dollop of joy from it – may be the thing that bothers me the most about progressives; see also Public Radio’s six week long annual litany of holiday miseries that commenced on Friday.

3 thoughts on “A Brief Absence Of PC Misery To Us, One And All

  1. This is all coming from the university. You can tell because the SJW’s create nothing — instead they criticize the accomplishments of others, almost always white men. That’s what universities teach people these days. They teach them to be social critics. When they do create something it has to be critical of society.
    They don’t try to match or exceed what they’ve criticized.
    Matt Taylor lands a spacecraft on a comet. Feminists criticize his choice to wear a shirt with comic book women on it because they can’t possibly match his accomplishment.

  2. the dirty little secret of soci4lism is there are always Kommissars,
    the great lie of soci4lism is that everyone is led to believe they will become Kommissar no one is told they will be the one cleaning out bedpans.
    The Kommissars are the Lord of their fiefdom everyone else are serfs bound to the hold.

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