Enemies Of The People (Who Get Killed By Copycat Attacks)

Study indicates a correlation between media coverage of mass shootings, and more mass shootings:

Our findings consistently suggest a positive and statistically significant effect of coverage on the number of subsequent shootings, lasting for 4-10 days. At its mean, news coverage is suggested to cause approximately three mass shootings in the following week, which would explain 55 percent of all mass shootings in our sample. Results are qualitatively consistent when using (i) additional keywords to capture shooting-related news coverage, (ii) alternative definitions of mass shootings, (iii) the number of injured or killed people as the dependent variable, and (iv) an alternative, longer data source for mass shootings from 2006-2016.

Watch – pointing this out will be labeled as “Putting a Chilling Effect on Free Speech (for the media)”.

3 thoughts on “Enemies Of The People (Who Get Killed By Copycat Attacks)

  1. I keep saying this: we have a problem with the first amendment, not the second.

    While I would not suggest crippling either, I would say this, when you go to a range, there are rules, strictly enforced. With the media, it is anything for views.

  2. When I was in junior high, there was a sudden rash of Dead Baby jokes. They were funny because they were shocking to adults. Then the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade. Overnight, the jokes were no longer funny because dead babies were no longer shocking juvenile humor, they had become approved adult behavior. We kids didn’t care – we were de-sensitized to dead babies.

    Throughout in high school, I heard Walter Cronkite recite the daily body counts on the nightly news, proof that we were losing The War. I didn’t care – I was desensitized to dead soldiers, ours and theirs.

    I wonder how today’s generation could have become desensitized to dead classmates, how they could think school shootings are ordinary, mainstream behavior?

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