Buyer’s Remorse

Rachel Packer at Marie Claire tells us that Trump makes her regret adopting her Chinese daughters:

But now I worry that we made a tragic mistake.

I pulled those two beautiful babies away from a rising power and into a damaged democracy. I brought two girls of color into a society where it’s clear that their word and their bodies are worth less than a man’s—and where open, overt racism has become even more likely now than it was a decade ago. And unfortunately, my worries aren’t exactly tinfoil-hat-wearing paranoia.

After which she carries on with a couple column-feet of tinfoil-hat-wearing paranoia and unhinged virtue-signaling.

I bring this up not so much to castigate Ms. Packer’s dubious grasp of reality, but to illustrate what seems to matter to liberals; freedom from want, from cognitive dissonance, from opposition, rather than, well, freedom.

Lord, I hope those girls grow up to be conservatives.

13 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse

  1. If her Chinese daughters apply to and are accepted by Harvard University, don’t thank the legal beagles of the Democrats.

  2. Let’s take a look at the reasoning process of an Atlantic writer by looking at the links she believes support her insane thesis.
    The first is a standard business piece on China. The second article begins complaining that his side lost in a one man, one vote election, the third is an opinion piece from CNN, and the last is a rant from some UN bureaucrats unsupported by actual evidence.
    Nonsensically, Packer writes if Roe V Wade is overturned, her daughters will lose the right to abortion in her “bright blue corner of the world.”

    And get this. The link in her claim that “We are only two years into Trump’s administration, and even in our bright blue corner of the country, Asian people are accosted on the street by white people telling them to “go back to your own country.” is to a story dated 2013.

    A little further down, Packer makes the claim that “. . . every few weeks, there’s another news story about an international adoptee being deported back to a country they don’t remember, without a family or a safety net.”
    The link goes to a NY Times story about a kid adopted from South Korea whose adoptee parents never bothered to get his citizenship. At age 37, after numerous arrests and addiction problems, he was deported back to South Korea.
    In 2012,
    But he jumped to his death in South Korea this year!
    In the last paragraph, she says she misses her daughters school functions to go out and canvass votes for anti-Trump candidates, and she takes money from their college fund to give to the Democrats.

    We have the worst. Elites. Ever.

  3. Only a leftist can think it’s a bad thing to take an orphaned child (or abandoned, as is probably the case) away from a Communist dictatorship. We should have kept the Berlin Wall around in a few sections so we could give liberals a tour the same way we offer to send Holocaust deniers for a tour of Auschwitz or Dachau.

  4. All liberals should be restricted to using circa 1982 East German tech. And they should have to drive Trabants to their eco-warrior meetups.

  5. This woman is truly ill. Like the idiot who said her young child cried when he or she learned Trump had won. The mother must have indoctrinated the child. They both should lose custody of their children, because they are both guilty of child abuse. Well, the Marie Claire writer hasn’t started yet, but it won’t be long.

  6. Like the idiot who said her young child cried when he or she learned Trump had won.
    That was Milbank’s column on November 10, 2017. Somehow — God knows how — she had gotten the idea that Trump’s sturmabteilung were going to haul her away to a death camp.

  7. Clearly, the only sensible thing for compassionate liberals to do is demand that the caravan is stopped at the border to spare those poor refugees the horrors of living in America.

  8. I thought I had experienced the pinnacle of soci4list automotive engineering in a Lada taxi ride from Montego Bay to Negril but I later had the joy of a 10 mile ride in a 1977 Trabant that made the Russians look like geniuses and scared the hell out of me.
    to give you an idea: Trabant 0-60 = 22 seconds

  9. All liberals should be restricted to using circa 1982 East German tech. And they should have to drive Trabants to their eco-warrior meetups.

    If I judged by the visible emissions on the eco-mobiles I saw a lot in Boulder, I’d conclude they ARE using the ecological equivalent of those two cycle abominations. I visited East Berlin three months before the wall fell, and I still remember how awful their versions of cola and chocolate were, and how 44 years after the war ended, key buildings were still bombed out. There should be a museum….

  10. nevermind that Asian immigrants tend to do so well in society that (well I heard this at least) if Harvard had a flat baseline on how students got in (instead of it being significantly harder for Asians to get in, cant make it up) Harvard would be 75-80% Asian. Also what NO ONE ON EARTH seems to be talking about is how precarious China’s economic position really is. If they have ONE YEAR below 8% growth their economy collapses in a Great Depression like manner. And remember they have as many peasants in that country as we have people. China will have a (probably very bloody and violent) revolution in their country before it passes us in any significant economic way.

  11. Pig–cool. I remember the Trabi is said to be based on a 1955 Fiat. Somebody must have reworked the powertrain to get it to 22 seconds 0-60. :^)

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