Life In A One-Party Town

In the past few months, I’ve been treated to the sight of Saint Paulites – almost all of them people who’d never dream of voting for anything but a DFLer – reacting with Major-Renault-like shock, shock, that…

  • Saint Paul’s Mafia-style trash-collection system costs more, offers fewer options and miserable customer service, all delivered with the sort of arrogance we’ve come to expect from Saint Paul’s government (Motto: “Government is the things we do together, arrogantly and imcompetently”).
  • Mayor Carter’s shunting of budget from police and fire to “Sustainability” (e.g. institutional virtue-signaling) would pave the way for more crime
  • The Soccer stadium, ballyhooed as the core of an urban renaissance with green space,  shops with walkable access and the rest of the urban planning buzzwords – is going to wind up being precisely the plutocrat plaything in the middle of a sea of asphalt that all of us skeptics predicted.

And, now, Saint Paul’s school-building spree turns out to make the Pentagon look like a Bemidji Norwegian Lutheran church’s decoration committee.

St. Paul Public Schools vastly underestimated the cost of an ambitious 2016 plan to improve the look and function of every building it owns.

Eight major school projects that got underway last year will cost the district a total of $214 million, according to the latest figures from the school district.

That’s $63 million more than the district estimated in 2016, a Pioneer Press analysis has found, a difference of 42 percent.

New estimates for the next eight large projects, all scheduled to break ground in the coming five years, total $220 million. That’s $91 million, or 70 percent, higher than the 2016 estimate.

There will be shock.

And then a majority of them will vote for an even further-left Democrat next election.  ∂

23 thoughts on “Life In A One-Party Town

  1. Let me give y’all a bit of advice. I lived in California for 20+ years; grew up there. When I was a kid, it was a *beautiful* place to be, but by the time I returned from the Navy as a young adult in the early 80’s I detected a change. By the mid 80’s I could clearly see where things where headed.

    So for the next 5 years, I stopped paying attention to the local news. Oh, I voted, but I voted knowing full well everyone and everything I voted for was going down in flames. I spent my time planning my escape; didn’t spend a buck improving my house, or buying a new car. In 1990, I bought a 17′ moving truck (cheaper than renting one), left (with my middle finger waving out the window) and never looked back.

    I see the *exact* same thing happening in MN; it’s why I didn’t waste any time getting the fuck out of there. As it is, it took 5 years to divest my properties, at a loss. But I don’t regret it for a minute. Minnesota is lost, and there’s no going back. In another 5-10 years, you’ll be overrun with drunken bums, moochers and foreign nationals in the country illegally (I fully expect that Walz will declare MN a sanctuary state next year); your schools will be gold plated museums to failure, excess and waste. And you’ll pay for all of it.

    You’ll be drowning in a sea of diversity, specious virtue signaling and tax bills that will make your hair stand on end. There will be choo-choo trains running all over; all union run and all a huge money pit. The GOP legislative team will consist of a few rump representatives from the prairie; it will be a very sucky job to go to the capital every year and get told to go sit by their dishes. Pretty soon, they’ll be voting with the reprobates just to have something to do.

    Illegals that are drawn to the free stuff will have *special* driver’s licenses, but you won’t be able to detect what makes them special. Minneapolis and St. Paul may allow them to vote in local elections.

    Mitch and his buddies in GOCRA will be enjoying a sweet ban on magazines that detach without a tool, and are limited to 10rds (hand them in or get them out of state; it’s a felony to possess them now); bans on folding stocks; juicy new “fees” on purchases of firearms, background checks to buy ammunition. Got a .50 rifle? That’s got to go; period. You can forget about any shooting ranges closer than 60 miles from the TC metro, too. Oh, and those CCP’s? Yeah, those will cost $500 a pop and you’ll have to go through new background checks to renew them…that’ll take 6 months, if your lucky.

    And all that with those long, dark, -20* winters to spend drinking and reminiscing about the good old days.

    Don’t forget; I warned you.

  2. Oh, and BTW. You know what I blame for California’s slide into the pit?

    Reagan’s ’86 amnesty.

    All those millions of new voters had an immediate impact, and there was no going back. The reprobates know this. That’s why they are determined to get as many low IQ, uneducated foreign nationals in as they can…it’s already starting to happen in Texas.

  3. Major-Renault-like shock, shock

    I think it’s Captain Renault, but the one question I have with this is that the man depicted was completely corrupt and his so-called shock was an ironic indication that he didn’t care. Are you saying this about the “Saint Paulites who’d never dream of voting for anything but a DFLer”? Note, I’m not arguing your point, just trying to understand.

    The Scandi character which has so infected MN has an almost unnatural belief that government is good. And so more government must be better – almost regardless of the facts at hand. In fact, the reaction to “bad results” is almost always to double down on the size and powers of government, which is coincidentally, the same reaction SJWs have. Hmm.

  4. I cant wait to get back out into the suburbs, living in Minneapolis near the U is convienent but doesnt reflect my values at all living in this sea of blue hell.

  5. MN has an almost unnatural belief that government is good. And so more government must be better

    A vice is nothing but a virtue taken too far.

  6. Yea, Mitch and all of those blue voters will be happy to pay for Walz’s “One Minnesota”!

  7. Still planning on retiring in 5 years and getting the heck out of MN. Too cold in the winter, tax on my retirement earnings and blue everywhere.

  8. I cant wait to get back out into the suburbs

    Sorry to burst your bubble, POD, but where do you think all those freshly minted reprobate MN House reps came from? There is no “there” there.

    If living among leftists bothers you when you’re young, it will only bother you more as you get older; trust me on this. Best bet is to either plan to get out, or learn to accept your fate.

  9. Captain Renault knew the official policy was No Gambling, but he also knew that as an insider, he could break the policy and collect his winnings.

    Liberals know the official Democrat platform is No Corruption but they also know that as Democrat insiders, they can collect their payoffs in the form of jobs entitled Vice President of Diversity or Deputy Assistant Mayor, or in the form of a grant given to a non-profit corporation for which you just happen to be the Executive Director in charge of promoting awareness through alternative media (spray painted vandalism), or in the form of a contract awarded to a union printing shop for which you are the union Business Agent, every one of those Liberals making $70,000 plus benefits.

    The St. Paulites who would never dream of voting for someone other than a DFLer know the game. They expect this kind of soft corruption. They’d be shocked if a bureaucrat demanded cash under the table to issue their permit to build a garden shed, but they’ll happily fork over an extra $300 for that same permit to fund the bureaucrat’s job.

  10. Hey, did you guys know Angie Craig is gay? She and her wife have adopted four children. She’s the First Lesbian Congresswoman, very big deal in the Leftist press today. A real milestone. Congrats, Southern Minnesota, for being so progressive.

    Huh, I suffered through endless campaign commercials but never once noticed the most important thing about her candidacy. How’d all those out-state voters learn of it, so they could vote for her to signal their virtue?

  11. There is a there there, SP, out past the suburbs. The entire 6th CD voted as expected. There’s just not all that many people (read votes). Now, if guns were votes…

  12. When you get away from the coast, there are still a lot of Real Americans in California too, jdm. Just not enough to make a whit of difference. They all live under laws, taxes and regs dictated to them by leftist reprobates in Sacramento; the people they elect to speak for them are utterly helpless..

    So sure, you can move outstate and suffer with like minded people, but I’m not sure that’s much of a consolation prize.

  13. Sorry to burst your bubble, POD, but where do you think all those freshly minted reprobate MN House reps came from? There is no “there” there

    I plan on moving back into Emmer territory. A good potentail future wife candidate wants to remain rural (shes in Zumbrota right now) but I figure I can get her close enough to the cities for a compromise.

  14. oh and CD3 will flip back in 2020. Phillips claims to be a moderate but will vote 100% with Pelosi. And Paulsen sealed his fate when he distanced himself from Trump.

  15. … all true, SP, except that others are moving your preferred places as well. I don’t want to get nailed by Boogieman of Moderation, so I’ll just quote about TX: An amazing trend in US politics, that was on show last night in the Dallas suburbs: Young liberals moving to places with a strong economy to get a job, and fleeing big and economically stagnant blue states. Then voting to make their new home more like the one they left. to which he added Immigrants do the same worldwide – they flee places with large corrupt left wing governments and then when they get a vote, vote for parties that would emulate what they ran from. Human nature is weird..

    Look at the governor’s race next door to you in GA. And I’m pretty sure that them corporations and academics just north of your Carolina are working to turn that state into CA as well. SC is just further down the list of places to which the left will ruin things after they’ve ruined everything else. If you keep moving to other states, you’re just hoping the alligator eats you last. At some point, you have to make a stand. I’ll make mine here.

  16. I can respect that jdm. And you’re right; no where is safe from leftist virus. But I believe that SC is a place where a concerted effort can keep us safe.

    We have very concentrated centers of rot; unsurprisingly they are in areas where welfare and social services are most easily accessed. As long as we keep them isolated, we have a chance.

    Keep up the fight.

  17. You may be in for a battle, Swiftee.

    Friends in both Carolinas, one in NC is a native, tell me that libidiots seem to be flocking there in droves. Primarily, from the New York, but also other New England states.

  18. That’s true, BH. In North Carolina. That is mostly because of Ashville, Charlotte and Raleigh.

    We have not seen that kind of influx of shit here yet. Not saying it won’t eventually occur; reprobates have radar for unspoiled areas. Our job is to crush them, like we did last night, and keep crushing them.

    The one thing that Nicky did that really pissed me off was taking down the CSA battle flag. Not that the flag meant that much to me, but it was poison to leftists.

    Maybe I should start a campaign to get it raised again.

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