SCENE:   Mitch BERG is shopping for a suit.  As he pokes through a rack of jackets, Avery LIBRELLE wanders around the corner, distacted, nearly bumping into him. 


BERG:  Oh, sh…shuper amazing to see you, Avery.

LIBRELLE:  Don’t give me the happy talk.  What about the charges against you?

BERG:  Charges?   Oh, do tell.

LIBRELLE:  Miss Lyudmila Korolevska says you tried to kiss her against her will, and told her an unwelcome dirty joke at a party.

BERG: Huh.  Never met anyone named Lyud…er, Korolevska.

LIBRELLE:   It was at a party in either Yalta, Kilpyavr or Novisibirsk in 1983.

BERG: Huh.  I was in college in rural North Dakota in 1983.   Nowhere near Russia.

LIBRELLE:   Don’t evade the question!

BERG: What question?

LIBRELLE:  Why did you sexually assault Miss Shtolipinska?

BERG: Wasn’t her name just Korolevska

LIBRELLE:  She goes back and forth on that.

BERG:  Huh.  So you don’t know her name, it took place in one of three places…

LIBRELLE:  Or maybe Smolensk.

BERG: …four places that I have never been, at times when I couldn’t have been there, doing things I just don’t do.

LIBRELLE:  I believe accusers!

BERG:  Of course you do.  Accusers like Karen Monahan?


BERG:  Of course she is.

STORE STAFFER:  Er, Ma’am…(Confused)…sir…um [Looks at BERG, perplexed.  BERG shrugs], er, loud person?

LIBRELLE:  [Exasperated, to both]  Oh, you people and your privilege!


36 thoughts on “#MeThree

  1. Scene Two, a government office, two bureaucrats in suits, talking.

    Agent Mulder, I’m pulling you off the X-files for a bit, we need you to investigate Merg for sexual assault.

    Um, sir, is that a federal crime? Do we have jurisdiction?

    No, but we’ve been requested and it’s a rush job so get right on it.

    Okay, where did this happen?

    Don’t know.


    Don’t know.

    Any witnesses?

    Yes, but they all deny anything happened.

    Do we have blood samples, semen, hair, fingerprints from the rape victim?

    It wasn’t rape-rape, more like an attempted grope, and it was 35 years ago so there’s no physical evidence at all.

    Sir, how can I investigate? Take statements?

    Don’t bother, we already did that. She says he did it, he says he didn’t but then, you’d expect a rapist to lie, especially a Conservative Christian, right?

    Sir, Lindsay Graham is right – there’s not enough here to get a search warrant, much less to conduct a meaningful investigation. What’s the point? It’ll only cause needless delay, maybe even hold things up until after the mid-term elections.

    See? I knew you were just the man for the job . . ..

  2. Mitch: I’m surprised that Avery didn’t demand you undergo a background check and investigation by the FSB.

  3. Jeff Flake and the other Democrats insist on an FBI investigation. The confirmation vote has been delayed a week. Everyone knows it’s not a sincere request but I’m trying to guess their strategy. Why delay a week?

    A. That’s too long. There’s nothing to investigate. Take statements from Ford, Kavanaugh, Judge, you’re done. A weekend would do it.

    B. Why the FBI? They have no jurisdiction to prosecute a sex crime, are we trying to drum up a case for “Lying to a Federal Officer?” Are Democrats hoping they can get a Deep State agent like Peter Strzok to allege Kavanaugh lied to him so they can scream for prosecution, as they did Mike Flynn?

    C. Why investigate at all? Wasn’t the Senate hearing good enough? Or are Democrats angling for a friendly face to prosecute Kavanaugh, maybe the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who will bring an indictment just before the confirmation vote so it must be delayed again? And even if confirmed, will Democrats insist Kavanaugh must not hear cases while he’s under the cloud of suspicion?

    What’s the long-term plan?

  4. JD: What happens if the FBI report that comes out in a week is incomplete and inconclusive as to sexual assault, but conclusively establishes the facts necessary for multiple perjury allegations against Kavanaugh?

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  6. Yes, Emery, that’s what I’m thinking. Get Deep State Democrats inside the FBI like Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page to dummy up some phony statements to lie to the court, like the FISA warrant application. The trouble I’m having is imagining how it would work.

    Do some imagining for me, Emery. Tell me what the FBI agents will say, that would be conclusive proof of lying. I honestly don’t get it.

  7. A simple question for the FBI to ask: How many frequent flyer miles does Christine Blasey Ford have?

    Obviously, the woman embellished her victimization by first claiming that she was afraid to fly then claiming that (despite it being in the news for days) she did not know the Senate panel had volunteered to come to her.

    So it is not a matter of if she lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee but how much and how many times she lied.

  8. Say Emery? Joe has just rung you out like a dishrag. I 100% guarantee everyone got a laugh, except you.

    If you were even capable of realizing you’ve been throttled again, can you Google up a couple references explaining what that feels like, cut and past them in and add some of your own inchoate chirping?

  9. Presumably the underlying goal of a week long delay is to find another candidate, and properly vet him this time.

  10. “the underlying goal of a week long delay is to find another candidate…”
    once again Emery illustrates the pitfalls of intellectual mediocrity, the next candidate is already in queue

    46 years old, conservative, not a moderate like Kavenaugh, comes from a politically protected class, and likely to set on the bench for 40 years

  11. Kavanaugh is an active, highly functioning alcoholic. Those of us with life experience that includes family and friends know this to be true. The best evidence of this is the over-the-top belligerence he demonstrated last Thursday when confronted with his drinking.

    His friend Mark Judge, on the other hand, claims to be in recovery. This explains their drifting apart and raises interesting questions as to the robustness of his recovery insofar as truth telling is concerned.

    Kavanaugh is about to hit bottom. That, for him and his family, will be the good news. I hope he gets help.

  12. “Kavanaugh is an active, highly functioning alcoholic.”
    Pure fantasy!
    stick to cut and paste plagiarism, at least then you look intelligent to the less discerning eye.

  13. Kavanaugh is the most unpopular Supreme Court nominee since polling began — even before his dry-drunk performance on Thursday.
    If Republicans think he’s a winning issue in the mid-terms, have at it.

  14. “most unpopular SC nominee since polling began” ……. THERE’s the standard I want for the most powerful judges in the land: whether or not ABC NBC & CBS et al can fire up the lickspittles enough with one-sided stories to get his ‘approval rating’ waaaay down. Don’t worry about his bona fides and his courtroom experience or intellect or commitment to the Constitution or any weird crap like that – does Kathy Griffin like him??

  15. A beautiful letter to the editor of the local rag that tells you everything that you need to know about Mazie Hirono:
    Hirono would get destroyed in an FBI investigation. She is corrupt to the core. She got the shady Ko Olina developer on Oahu (who was at one time indicted for bribery) some 15 million in tax breaks then he “sells” her and her husband a special reserved luxury condo. instead of paying for it like everyone else would, the developer carries the mortgage (looks shady doesn’t it?). They didn’t even know how much they put down and said they paid him the down payment in cash. Normal people use escrow companies. Oh, it goes on and on. Her husband had the trucking contract for the Ko Olina development on a no bid contract. When asked about it, he said it was a verbal contract. Who has a verbal contract for hundreds of thousands of dollars with a shady developer? I could go on and on. She also rents office space in downtown Honolulu from the same developer put pays the rent to her husbands company that has the sub lease? Yes her husband is in trucking, property management and is or was the highest ranking Sheriff. The Democrats run the government so she’ll never be investigated and she knows it.

  16. When a business has serious doubts about a candidate, it does not look for further evidence. It just looks for someone else.

  17. “Kavanaugh is an active, highly functioning alcoholic. Those of us with life experience that includes family and friends know this to be true.”

    Emery is flashing back to the night he caught his drunken daddy on his sister, and left the trailer park forever. His life of as a high functioning alcoholic is seen as a step up by those that know his family.

    That makes him competent to pass judgements on Yale Law School grads.

  18. Emery
    “Failing to remember a lifestyle is dishonesty.”

    Failing to credit an author appropriately when YOU cut and paste a comment is dishonesty!

  19. Any person who believes anything about Kavanaugh or Ford over what has happened in the last week is a fool.
    We no longer have an adversarial press. All the news networks and major papers, as well as the UP, are partisan actors.

  20. Emery, you’re not helping. I asked you to imagine how a new, sixth, FBI investigation would be helpful or harmful to the Senators trying to decide whether to confirm a Supreme Court nominee. You’re off in na-na land mumbling about a lifetime of alcoholism based on a man’s righteous indignation at being slandered, and admission of teenage drunken behavior. Or is that your contribution? You’re thinking the FBI somehow missed his drunkenness in the first few background investigations? Doesn’t say much for their competence.

  21. cut and paste plagiarist Emery, waggles his finger at us and admonishes: Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.
    way to go little feller!

  22. So if Ford lied, about, say, being unable to fly in an airplane, she lied about everything she said?

    4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

  23. Mamm, Kav really missed an opportunity to spit that one back in Whitehorse’s smug grill….

    Wait a friggin minute…did, did Emery post that first? Emery?

    Baaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa! You witless ‘tard! HAHAHAHAHA!

  24. Blasey’s yearbook has been scrubbed off the ‘net. That is not unexpected, but the website that posted PDF’s of it has also been removed from the ‘net.

    Luckily, nothing is ever erased from the ‘net.


    How did they get this guy’s blog taken down? And why isn’t ANYONE putting our little party girl’s true high school history on the air? 10-1 says she was a real slut, a train yard tug…but we’ll never know because she has got some deep pockets paying for some top shelf PR and black ops work.

    As I understand it, one of her lawyers has ties to Soros.

    How much do you think a photo of Ford, passed out at some party would be worth? Man, there has *got* to be at least one.

  25. Emery, that’s right. Ford lied about being afraid to fly, was wrong about people corroborating her story, …..yup, falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

    Goes for you too, buddy. Let’s be blunt; nobody has yet come up with any evidence that Brett Kavanaugh is an alcoholic of any kind. Quite frankly, his statement about still liking beer argues against that–the true alcoholic hides his drinking and often hates the booze as well.

    Like you said, falsus in omnibus, that’s Emery.

  26. Kavanaugh lost the moment that Trump decided to give in to the optics and order an investigation. The Senate had effectively voted him in when Trump made his announcement.

    They say there isn’t enough time for the FBI to get to the bottom. Be that as it may, that is not what will get Kavanaugh. What will bring him down is his drinking reputation, one that he never apologized for but instead made a big thing of it being unimportant, to the point of insulting the committee, “I like a beer. don’t you?” and never answering straight about the extent of his drinking habit. Instead he lies about his past and acts offended.

  27. Swiftee
    Nobody as tech naif as she is scrubs an identity as thoroughly as she did without serious tech help. Lets put a couple what-ifs out there.
    What if looking for the Soros, PP, Progressive, or Party backer/connection is looking in the wrong place…
    What if, as has been reported, she had google “interns” renting rooms from her (second doorway…)? If the “interns” didn’t know how to do the scrub themselves they certainly had workmates who could.
    What if Google (or FB or Amazon), seeing the tech anti-trust mood thats developing among state Attorneys General, was deeply concerned that a conservative friendly to the notion of applying/extending the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to Internet Tech Giants might get seated on the Supreme Court. They do have deep pockets

  28. Emery, we can quibble about the whys on how Ford got her social media history hidden from the “Wayback Machine”, but the simple fact is (a) she did and (b) she did have Google employees living in her home for a while. They’re the ones that could hide this kind of thing that effectively. Since your social media is a lot of how you communicate with loved ones these days, she had to have clear motivation.

    You can argue that it’s simply a way to avoid “slut-shaming”, but that’s unlikely, since how many people relive shameful experiences from high school on Facebook? I think Pig is right that it’s because there was something there that would speak to her motivations and veracity.

    (my brother lives in Mountain View, and it’s amazing how many people are living in RVs there because of the shortage of affordable housing….this does all fit with what I’ve seen)

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