The Hamster Inquisition

So let me get this straight – Keith Ellison wants his domestic abuse allegations “investigated” by a group with no criminal jurisdiction, composed of his peers, which has a long history of giving out whiffleball “consequences” for just about any crime or misemeanory, on behalf of a body that he’ll be leaving in January?

Sounds fair and just…

5 thoughts on “The Hamster Inquisition

  1. So let me guess, the investigation will not be completed until after the election – mostly because Keith will be too traumatized to fly to DC for interviews.

  2. I figure that the “investigation” will be slated to start on the first day of the new term, at which point the investigator will declare that it’s no longer their business since Keith won’t be a Congressman anymore.

  3. The DFL better hurry up with the investigation or they’ll run out of time to get a new hack on the ballot….

  4. Give the Democrats credit, they know how to work the system, just like another famous Chicago politician, Al Capone.

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