A Bad Look

To: Mike Lindell, Likely Gubernatorial Candidate
From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Conservative Peasant
Re: Love Your Pillows. Don’t Love Your Rhetoric.


For someone who wants to represent the party of liberty, the rule of law as opposed to the rule of men, and rationality, this is a really terrible look:

Look @dougducey you made the list and your crooked buddy @BrianKempGA@realDonaldTrump please impose martial law in these 7 states and get the machines/ballots! https://t.co/GXWkRtHlRW

— Mike Lindell (@realMikeLindell) December 20, 2020

Now yes, you did delete the tweet – but nobody’s fast enough to get past the DFL’s oppo researchers and media. But I repeat myself.

Berg’s 16th Law exists for a reason. While a prominent elected Democrat can beat the snot out of his girlfriend with impunity, anything rash, impudent, ill-timed, context-mangled or yes, stupid, said by any Republican, anywhere, no matter how fringe, how isolated from power or the mainstream (which doesn’t describe Lindell, obviously), will be reported to the widest audience possible, in the least flattering context that can be engineered, and held against the entire part.

Love the pillows, Mike – but think.

That is all.

86 thoughts on “A Bad Look

  1. And yet, you fail to use your Galaxy Brain to lay out an argument that puts the dialogue to an end in your favor. You’ve not convinced anyone of your Truth.

    I’m not gonna lie; I’m losing faith in your modest praise of your own intellect. Beginning to think you’re just another low IQ moonbat with an inflated, and unwarranted hubris; we’ve seen your type before.

    I remain open to be convinced otherwise, but not holding my breath.

  2. In the 50’s and 60’s, there were ideologically driven, intelligent people on the left. They were wrong, they were dangerous to civilized life, but they were not stupid. They were Communists, and needed to stand against a wall, but they were smart.

    That is not true in the current year.

    I have never had an intellectually challenging debate with a leftist who wished to prove the correctness of their position. Oh, they’re quick to tell you they belong to the “reality based community” and that they “love science”, but the most cursory challenge puts the sword to those claims.

    In the current year, all of the intelligent leftists are in it for the money; the true believers are idiots…and Mr. Kraphammer, you are an idiot, I’m sorry. In order to preserve civilization, today’s leftist idiots, like their intellectually superior precedents should be made to stand against a wall, but we will not expect any last words of import from these.

  3. Threatening to overturn the election by any means necessary is a fundraising tactic that’s raised hundreds of millions. Trump sure knows his base.

  4. “Mike, don’t waste our time running for governor”

    Says a guy from the home of Ilhan “Some people” Omar, Angry Al Franken, Jesse “the Body” Ventura, Keith “Hakim X” Ellison, Betty “Huh?” McCollum and Paul Wellstoned…and the birthplace of “Defund the police”.

    “Don’t waste our time”. Classic.

  5. Emery is threadjacking again.
    His goal is to pollute every post, no matter what its topic, with anti-Trump comments.
    Like Limbaugh’s “seminar callers.”

  6. At least you’ll have something in common with the former president — another crackpot on the Internet..

    Why are we even giving time to this snake oil salesman Mike Lindell??? He sells pillows, for goodness sake.

  7. Another far more accomplished person than Emery.
    They are legion.
    Lindell’s qualifications are no worse than Walz’s qualifications — though, I admit, Lindell hasn’t spent his life on the payroll of the MN taxpayer.

  8. The cheese whiz troll sticks to stupid non sequiturs because he knows he gets smacked down hard whenever he strays from cut and paste philosophy..He knows his limitations and operates within their narrow bandwidth..

    A complete lack of self awareness is God’s gift to idiots..

  9. re: Mike Lindell.

    Minnesota doesn’t deserve a self made millionaire who is as unabashedly pro-America as he is anti-reprobate. Mike also puts his money where his mouth is. It was he who put up most of the $2 mil the corrupt court in Wisconsin demanded to release the Hero of Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse, and he dgaf who knows it.

    He should pack up his company and move it to my state. He will feel the satisfaction of being isolated from the degeneracy leftist control brings, to say nothing of leaving undeserving “conservatives” to their fates.

    We will gladly recieve him and his jobs. We’ll also happily take Kyle after his acquittal…in fact, I bet Mike could find a spot for Kyle in his company.

    We have a couple unwelcome degenerates we’ll send to MN in exchange..Its a win-win.

  10. Emery on December 21, 2020 at 7:50 pm said:

    Threatening to overturn the election by any means necessary is a fundraising tactic that’s raised hundreds of millions. <- written with unbelievable self-awareness of how his party, the Democrats, have been raising money since Nov. 10, 2016.

  11. People, can any of you tell me how Lindell is worse than The Body? We elected Janos for fuck’s sake! Is your memory all gone? Fisch?

  12. I’m gonna give a sensible, educated, discerned assessment of Mike Lindell.  Though the assessment will be totally obvious for its truth, I expect the MAGA misanthropes here will be incapable of understanding it for the reality.

    He’s a got a lot of energy, and a great deal of engineering and commercial know-how.  That ain’t nothing.  But he’s not a wise enough man to be governor.  He’d fall very short of doing the job with Tim Pawlenty type competence.  Maybe he’d do the job with somewhat better than Jesse competence.  But no matter, he probably can’t win the nomination.

    What you want, and what could win against Walz, is a Jeff Johnson type.  You’re not going to beat Walz with one of these Trumpy cranks.

  13. JPA ^ You’re thinking about the proper comparisons. Lindell would be a Jesse type figure.

  14. “ Mike also puts his money where his mouth is. It was he who put up most of the $2 mil the corrupt court in Wisconsin demanded to release the Hero of Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse, and he dgaf who knows it.”

    Imagine committing heinous crimes and being able to walk free like this. Don’t ever tell me white privilege is a myth.

  15. Emery; grifter #1 may be the anonymous source for your article, don’t you think? As far as I can tell, the FEC goes over campaign expenditures fairly closely, and hence I would be surprised if the Trump organization could pull one as fast as that.

  16. Imagine committing heinous crimes

    Only in leftist la la land is self defense a “heinous crime”.

  17. But back to Mike Lindell, he’s got an inspirational story and a great product. Endorsing martial law? Boy, I remember back when the Polish Communist government did that in the early 1980s to try to throttle Solidarity and Lech Walesa. Let’s just say it didn’t work out too well.

    Regarding future GOP candidates, both at the state and federal level, it strikes me that the person who becomes a successful candidate and office-holder is going to need to know the “lay of the land” and how to move the “Overton Window” back to a reasonable place. That includes the understanding that, especially after the Clinton and Obama years, large swaths of the bureaucracy are weaponized against the right. Overcoming this probably requires the successful candidate to accumulate pretty much incontrovertable evidence that something is being neglected, and then dare officials not to act on it.

  18. Regarding Kyle Rittenhouse, he’s been accused, but not convicted, of murder and I’m guessing weapons offenses. Like anyone else, even Emery, he deserves his chance to defend himself, and absent a clear risk to the public, he ought to be able to do that while living in his own home.

    Since the evidence for murder is weak at best–when he fired shots, he was being assaulted and had just heard other gunshots (for which another person is being prosecuted, I believe)–I would suggest that the bail demanded was excessive.

    My guess here is a plea deal for shadow purchase of a firearm.

  19. What you want, and what could win against Walz, is a Jeff Johnson type. You’re not going to beat Walz with one of these Trumpy cranks.

    Gentleman Jeff has lost twice already. He’s a decent, high-quality person and if I were going into a new business venture he’d make a fine partner, but as a candidate he’s been weighed and found wanting.

  20. The cheese whiz troll ejaculated: “Imagine committing heinous crimes and being able to walk free like this. Don’t ever tell me white privilege is a myth.”

    Kyle had to come up with $2 million for bail. He’s never been arrested before, and is not likely to run. He has a credible claim of self defense and a top shelf legal team.

    Couple days after Kyle put those animals down, Christopher Stokes used a shotgun to kill his entire family of 5 in Milwaukee. He has admitted to doing it. Stokes has a lengthy criminal history.

    His bail was set at $500,000…oh, Stokes is black.


    When ever the cheese whiz troll thinks he has a valid point, or something important to say, he should take a moment to remember he is an idiot, and go back to coloring with crayons.

  21. A plurality of Americans, 47%, including 30% of Democrats, believe there was significant fraud in our last election. Our judicial system has made it clear they are not willing to hear the evidence; the security of our franchise will not get its day in any court.

    When we no longer have a legitimate electoral system, and the courts are no longer a viable source of justice, we no longer have a viable Democracy. We are on the path to civil war.

    Martial law is the temporary rule by military authorities, imposed on a civilian population, especially in time of war or when civil authority has broken down. It has been declared 64 times in the United States.

    Maybe you don’t think the loss of your right to vote for your leadership is a big deal, and maybe you’re not concerned our judicial system has abandoned its duty. That’s fine. But the President has ample authority and precedent to declare martial law, and millions of Americans believe he would be justified in doing so.

    It’s very disheartening to hear people who supposedly stand on my side of the political line declare our best path forward is to support milqetoast candidates to lead in the midst of an insurrection.

  22. You put the boy in ‘Proud Boys’.

    Remember those Japanese soldiers who went and hid in caves after WWII? You and JD and would look good in a cave — in denial to the end….

  23. Cleanest election on record for the United States of America.

    Trump is a lying SOB so are the people who support him and his delusions.

    Don’t forget, a single disenfranchised voter is just as bad as a single fraudulent vote. Each denies a legitimate voter their right to have their say in who is in government. The disenfranchised number in the tens or hundreds of thousands, the fraudulent votes in the hundreds. Why aren’t we spending hundreds or thousands of times more effort ensuring every legitimate voter can cast their ballot than we spend on tracking down fraudulent votes?

  24. Poor little troll, all weak and shaking…wipe those tears and go ahead and have another Hot Pocket.

  25. When a dimwit run out of brains, thank God for MSNBC, the WaPo, NYT and Onion, right, cheese whiz troll?

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