Scorched Dearth

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Republicans keep warning Democrats they shouldn’t use vicious tactics against Kavanaugh because Democrats won’t like living under the new rules.  Nonsense, Democrats use vicious tactics because they know the new rules won’t apply to them.

There are stronger allegations against Keith Ellison than Brett Kavanaugh, but Democrats choose to believe Ellison, not the accusers.  The official Democrat Party line is those women are lying.  It’s the same line they took with Bill Clinton’s accusers.  The media won’t call out Democrats for hypocrisy, the media is complicit. From this, we can conclude Democrats will continue to use vicious tactics because THEY WORK.

Democrats are different from Republicans on a fundamental level.  Democrats don’t have principles, they are partisans.  They don’t care about victims, they care about victory.  They do not have morals, they have mobs.  They don’t have scruples, they have Screw You.  With a complicit mainstream media aided by SJW dominated social media who are careful to hide stories that make Democrats look bad while ceaselessly trumpeting stories that make Republicans look bad – even news stories they have investigated and know are false – Democrats only need a couple of useful idiots to derail any Republican plan.

I’m looking at you, Jeff Flake of Arizona, you, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and you, Susan Collins of Maine.

When Lindsay Graham loses his cool with the Dems, you know things are getting ugly.

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  1. No matter what happened in the past, Kavanaugh proved on Thursday, that he has anger control issues, is partisan and not neutral, and has some kind of weird grudge and fascination with the Clintons dating back to Whitewater. The Supreme Court should be composed of stable, non-partisan people who can control their outbursts. Kavanaugh does not meet these standards.

  2. Everything Joe says is absolutely true, but then there is the “Thank you sir, may I have another” Republican attitude toward their abusers.

    Let’s see the MNGOP run a series of ads rubbing the Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar scandals into the faces of the DFL and their scribes in the press.

    Let’s see them put up billboards that read: “He Beats Women/She Married Her Brother”

    Let’s see them grow a pair of balls.

  3. Hahaha! Like the sun rises, Emery shows up with the newest talking points. Out of curiosity, do they arrive my email or by phone? Perhaps some sort of chat?

    Anyway, for myself, I hope Emery’s asserted anger issues about Kavanaugh are true. I look forward to the payback for what the left put him and his family through. Alas, he’ll probably class up the joint.

    PS nice comments, Joe

  4. Just the other day Emery was predicting that Kavanaugh wouldn’t be confirmed.
    Personally, I don’t make political predictions. Too big a chance of looking like a fool.
    But when I look around the web at political sites this AM, I notice that the conservative sites seem confidant, and the progressive sites seem troubled.
    Some libs are floating the idea of impeaching Kavanaugh if they take the house. Since the bar is as high for SC judges as it is for the president, well, that is another indicator of the level of insanity occupied by the Democrat base.

  5. I find it interesting that the scorched earth partisan strategy that the democrats have employed has begun turning people like Walter Hudson into pro-GOP partisans.

  6. Well, Emery, if you are not a typical lefty God denier, you should pray that you and your family, never have to what Judge Kavanaugh and his family have gone through! If anyone threatened my kids, I would move heaven and earth to find them and do everything legal to make them pay for it. Would love to see how calm and non-partisan YOU would be in that situation.

  7. As Mitch points out in another column today, the charges against Kavanaugh could be leveled against any man on the planet, at any time.

    There is no acceptable defense to the charge of being a Counter-Revolutionary. Once charged, you automatically become an Enemy Of The People and must be punished as savagely as the mob demands.

    This is the system Emery and Senate Democrats demand for Republicans, because they know it never will be applied to them.

  8. Democrats don’t have principles, they are partisans. They don’t care about victims, they care about victory.

    I strongly disagree with you, Joe. They do have principles, one of which is that they have adopted a new religion in which you either believe as they do, or you are to be burned at the stake as a heretic. When you’re in a religious jihad, as the Democrats are now, your moral good, and indeed your entire salvation, is predicated on using any and all means to defeat the infidels.

    You don’t think liberals have a religious fervor? They believe things without proof, and indeed things that are likely untrue by normal measures (Ford’s accusations are still refuted by the testimony of others, and by her own unreliability of memory and fear), they have their own holy services they hold sacrosanct (abortion), etc.

    So if you wonder why progressives like Emery make league with Islamists, just remember that they are cut from the same cloth where the religious is the political, and where subjugation to secular religious authority is everything.

  9. No matter what happened in the past, Kavanaugh proved on Thursday, that he has anger control issues, is partisan and not neutral, and has some kind of weird grudge and fascination with the Clintons dating back to Whitewater.

    Oh really, what choice did the man have? He’d been attacked by partisans out to destroy him personally, not just professionally, based on accusations that couldn’t be proven. Indeed, they were refuted by Ford’s own “friends” and all other witnesses, by someone who was shown to have memory issues (she couldn’t remember when she took the polygraph test, nor who paid for it), and who at least has shaded the truth (she flew to DC, Hawaii, etc). And these Democrats were more repulsive in their unfounded attacks than McCarthy ever was.

    If they succeed, they will have destroyed a man’s reputation and livelihood on the basis of unproven allegations. If anyone had cause to be angry, it was Kavanaugh at the underhanded accusations and completely partisan behavior of the Democrats on the committee who had absolutely no pretense of giving a fair hearing or playing fairly.

  10. I agree with Joe Doakes. Politics for our National Socialists has always been a game of heads I win, tails you lose. There is a principle involved. It’s called the will to power. Anything employed in getting power is OK. National Socialists know that the same tactics won’t be employed against them.

    The media plays a key role. An honest media would be an anti-corruption tool as the founders thought a free press would function. Instead, modern media has been employed as a force multiplier as Ann Rand imagined.

  11. Getting mad because you’re falsely accused of a heinous crime in proceedings that bear no resemblance to a fair trial means you have anger control issues?

    Would be interesting to get your take on John 2:13-22, Emery. Did our Lord have anger control issues, or was He provoked and responded justifiably? Giving the wrong answer may involve brimstone.

  12. There is no acceptable defense to the charge of being a Counter-Revolutionary.

    In the Memoirs of Nikita Khrushchev, he recounts the most frightening moment of his life.

    At a local party meeting in the Ukraine, a woman stood up and shouted, “I don’t know that man but I know for a fact he is a counter-revolutionary.”

    A quick-witted Khrushchev shouted back, “I don’t know that woman but I know for a fact she is a whore.”

    The crowd burst into laughter – and Khrushchev’s life was saved, to the misery of millions.

    Every Minnesotan should read Memoirs of Nikita Khrushchev, it is a great way to discover how the StarTrib evolved its editorial style.

  13. I don’t know all the gory details on his behavior and I seem to recall that he had psychological problems, but McCarthy did have the advantage over the Democrats of today in that he was correct: there were commies infesting the government.

    Still are (see one of the more recent Project Veritas videos).

  14. Never mind that we have over a decade of observation of Kavanaugh’s actual demeanor while on the bench. Let’s judge him by his reaction to being called the ring leader of a gang rape operation, a rapist, a drunk and evil. Is that what you are saying Emery?

  15. Emery has stated his position,or, more accurately, restated Huffpo’s position. The headline over there now is ” RAGING KAV SHOWS HIMSELF: PARTISAN WARRIOR IN ROBES.”
    Emery is not trying to convince you or make a coherent argument. People on the left don’t do that anymore. Instead what they do is state their position and declare anyone who does not take the same position to be an approved target of hate.
    If they had integrity, there would be an internal debate on the Left about their own double standards. Ellison has documented anger issues and abuse issues with women, but he is forgiven, while Kavanaugh, with no anger issues and no documented abuse issues with women, is not.
    No one on the Left is capable of making an argument anymore, because they don’t think that they should have to make an argument. The purpose of witch-sniffers is to sniff out witches, they don’t argue theology.

  16. An example of an Emery-style “argument” where you just state your opinion as fact, and condemn people who believe otherwise:
    A woman who identified as a sexual assault survivor told Flake, “What you are doing is allowing someone who actually violated a woman to sit on the Supreme Court! This is not tolerable! You have children in your family. Think about them! I have two children. I cannot imagine that for the next 50 years they will have to have someone in the Supreme Court who has been accused of violating a young girl. What are you doing, sir?!”

  17. The fact that Kavanaugh sounded like a deranged Infowars refugee is actually a bit of a problem.
    If that was the case, he wouldn’t have been confirmed. He sounded like a man angry to have reputation tattered by uncorroborated allegations. He was accused of doing the worst thing a man can do other than murder, and had supposedly responsible politicians — people who believe that they are somehow superior to Trump — make baseless accusations against him. All of the Dems mischaracterized the allegations. Schumer said that they were corroberated, and they were not. The despicable ones are on your side of the fence, Emery.

  18. MP, Emery the Gnat got swatted hard in the comments, so as is wont for SJWs, he doubled down. I’m not really sure what a “deranged Infowars refugee” actually is, but I’ll bet Emery thinks it’s bad.

  19. People with anger management issues don’t speak Truth to Power as Kavanaugh did, they beat their women as Keith Ellison did. You remember him, Emery, he’s your Representative in Congress, soon to be Attorney General.

  20. The fact that Kavanaugh sounded like a deranged Infowars refugee is actually a bit of a problem.

    Can you tell us exactly where the bad man torched your ears, Emery?

    Seriously, tell us what passages made him sound “like a deranged Infowars refugee” and which were not valid complaints about ignoring presumption of innocence and the requirement of at least some corroborating evidence before attacking someone’s integrity after many, many years of unblemished public service.

  21. The fact that Kavanaugh sounded like a deranged Infowars refugee is actually a bit of a problem.

    Im sorry Emery I must have missed the part of his remarks where he claimed 9/11 was a inside job, the government is polluting the water with fluoride, how Sandy Hook was staged… God God man if your going to insult someone at least do it properly.

  22. For a little while yesterday, Lindsay Graham was almost as popular here as Robert E. Lee.

  23. Hmmm, apparently Trump “just now” ordered a FBI investigation. Trump will never, in a million years, ever become liked by the left (even Flake is a “rape apologist for helping to vote Kavanaugh out of committee). So, why did he do it? I think I was correct; this is a ploy to continue to expose the left for what it is.

    Keep those cards and letters coming, Emery.

  24. The obvious solution is to lock Kavanaugh, his accuser, Judge, and various other hangers-on in to a high school for a morning detention a la “The Breakfast Club.”

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