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  1. meanwhile these 5 women have come forward:
    Betty Parris,
    Abigail Williams,
    Mary Walcott,
    Mercy Lewis,
    Ann Putnam,
    to claim that in the past Kavenaugh stuck them with pins, pinched them, and tormented them in the most devilish manner

  2. Isn’t this a nice lesson on why we have PROCEDURES for this kind of thing? Wouldn’t it have worked out woderfully, with far less anger and confusion, and a much greater chance of getting at the truth, if Feinstein had actually brought this up during the confirmation hearing?

  3. It was John Barronanaugh and David Dennisonanaugh who sexually assaulted Dr. Ford. Not Brett Kavanaugh.

  4. Well, Emery, earlier in the debacle, some former classmates, suggested that Ms. Lying Blasey Liar Ford, could have mistaken another young man for Kavanaugh. The pictures side by side, show an uncanny resemblance.

    Do try to keep up!

  5. Pig Bodine – since those ladies are all dead, they must be Democrat voters.

    NW, you know graveyards have been heavily blue historically.

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