“But Why Do You Need An Assault Rifle?”

Philadelphia man kills two home invaders with his AK47 (which liberals seem to have forgotten about in the past few years)?

The anonymous homeowner said he shot and killed the men — 17-year-old Demond Barnes and 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon — after retrieving the gun from a hall closet during the incident Friday.

When progressives get exercised about firearms, they are given to claiming that “assault rifles” are “designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible”.  It’s untrue, of course; they’re designed for two things; to never, ever jam, and to not run out of bullets before your attacker runs out of attack.

Mission accomplished.


7 thoughts on ““But Why Do You Need An Assault Rifle?”

  1. If reasonable, common sense limits on your fundamental right to own a firearm are appropriate, then reasonable, common sense limits on your other fundamental rights should be appropriate, too.

    Why do you need to be a Lutheran? Why can’t you be Catholic? We should be able to ban Lutheranism – there are plenty of other religious options.

    Why do you need to vote Republican? Why can’t you vote Independent or Green or Democratic Socialist Workers? We should be able to ban Republicans – there are plenty of other political options.

    Because fundamental rights are not based on need. Socialism is based on need: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” That’s an entirely different political structure from the one the Founders intended to establish.

  2. Had this discussion with my St Olaf professor sister last summer and gave her my
    one word response – Ferguson.

    The police stood down, the National Guard (and state police) were too busy “staging” in a Target parking lot and did nothing. They let it burn. One friend, who grew tired from 10 years of crime and finally convinced his wife to move, was fortunate to have sold his home 4 months before the carnage. Another friend, who still lives there, spent multiple sleepless nights on his porch with scary black rifles within easy reach. A few like minded neighbors did the same.

    The unarmed neighbors were extremely thankful they were out there.

  3. Update: This happened in Memphis. Try this in Prog choked Philly at your peril.

  4. It’s my understanding that TN is a “Stand Your Ground” state………but I’ve heard that the law is a little vague in interpretation that even in your home you must fear death or great bodily harm before shooting someone who has broken into your house. There must have been something in the surveillance video that supported the home owners fear for his life, I didn’t see that the article was specific about that.

  5. even in your home you must fear death or great bodily harm before shooting someone who has broken into your house

    I’d hope that after years of reading this blog, people would know that “reasonable fear of death or some statutory degree of bodily harm” is ALWAYS a vital element in a self-defense claim – along with not being the aggressor and not using excessive force (you only shoot until the threat is ended; you don’t finish them off when they’re down).

    “Stand your Ground” (along with “Castle Doctrine” in the home) only affects the “duty to retreat”.

  6. Well, there should be no question in this case. The homeowner finds two armed thugs in his house. If one person is confronting two (or more) armed people that were in your house uninvited, that would definitely qualify as “a fear of bodily harm”.

  7. I also understand they shot at him. That’s a pretty good self-defense argument, on top of Castle Doctrine. Here’s a story.

    A man finds an intruder in the hallway of his house. It’s dark. “Hands up! citizens arrest! Don’t move!” The intruder makes a sudden move and the homeowner fires his .357. It turns out the intruder was turning to run from the house and the impact and momentum carried him through the door and into the front yard. Homeowner calls the Sheriff who, on arrival, says, “I thought you said he was in your house when you shot him?” “He was,” said the homeowner. “Then I expect when I arrive on the scene I will find him inside your house.” Whereupon he got back in his cruiser, circled the block, and wrote up a “justified homicide” incident report.

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