Because Trump

Saint Paul Public Library to start a Drag Story Hour:

“Drag pushes people to break boundaries and explore creativity, ” said Chad Kampe, a Minnesota activist who organizes queer-friendly events and is promoting the series with SPLL. “At a very young age, we are taught to embrace our differences. Drag not only provides an opportunity to embrace who we are, it allows for us to broadcast and share who we are with the world.”


Because Trump, of course:

The series is part of an inclusivity campaign called “We Belong Together,” a 2017 initiative that SPPL officials said was a “response to the Trump Administration’s so-called ‘Travel Ban.’”

Not sure the ban specifically covered cross-dressers, but I could be wrong.

Of course, no part of this is about “embracing our differences”.  It’s about “othering” the mainstream; about defining the”Thems” in the “Us vs. Them” equation that dominates all progressive politics.

And the Saint Paul Library system is part of the machine, these days.

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  1. ” it allows for us to broadcast and share who we are with the world.”

    That’s important for guys that don’t have night vision optics.

  2. 10 years ago that first paragraph would have been too insane for the Onion…

  3. Speaking of grooming, this should bother:
    “The three events—held June 11, June 16, and July 11—will be livestreamed on Facebook and will feature story-reading, songs, and two performers who will “strut their stuff for an over-the-top story hour,”

    sounds like an overt recruiting session

  4. This is your chance to become Miss America. Hurry before it folds

  5. The funniest part of all of these people hating Trump, is that he has not taken a stance against them. During the campaign, when asked about gay marriage, his response was that the issue had been settled by the SCOTUS.

  6. Mac, this is the direct result of the homo lobby’s successful infiltration of the APA.

    Once they got their own mental affliction de-listed, they went on to normalization. That task accomplished, it was Sally bar the door for every mental illness that had any value to the leftist’s agenda…hell, they’ve even managed to turn the public health threats into a positive for themselves.

    Just 10 years ago, the public schools were forced to couch the homo agenda in terms of “tolerance” and “safety’. In the current year they are free to mount an all out attack on kids without any fear of even the subtlest objection…hell, I bet not one of you guys has even considered contacting SPL to complain. Admit it; you’re afraid of reprisal.

    The Emery’s of the world can afford to take rhetorical beatings and mockery of their stupidity online; they’re kicking y’alls ass irl.

  7. I love how the only president that I know of, whose First Lady has gay porn photos of her on the internet and he is still married to her and quite devoted…that’s the anti-gay President.

  8. By way of verifying his bona fides, gl observed: whose First Lady has gay porn photos of her on the internet

    I don’t know who that is and don’t really care, but are you saying having gay pR0n pics on the net is acceptable, or is it this mystery man’s acceptance of it that we are supposed to admire?

    Using the reprobates’ standards to bolster a conservative argument; No.

  9. look for NAMBLA to make a big comeback, expect them to get govt contracts to sponsor “inclusivity” seminars in grade schools and, with universal DFL support, an endowed chair in the philosophy/divinity dept of St Thomas.

  10. Mac, I absolutely believe pedophilia will be the next target. When we’ve gotten to the point where trannies strutting their stuff over the top is an acceptable field trip for the kids, how can anyone doubt the kids themselves will be encouraged to jump in?

  11. SB
    you’re not far off – currently Education Minnesota and by extension the National Education Association seem to have a become the go to refuge of hebephiles, ephebophiles, and pedophiles. Unlike priests of the Catholic church these educators (and solid union members) go unreported by Big Left Media (I’m looking at you MPR) who fear angering the DFL/Union cartel and losing their access to the govt trough. Back around 2000 the DOE did a study that concluded as many as 12,000 K-12 students are molested every year in public schools. So its not unexpected that they would extend their outreach programs to the Public Library System.
    So who you gonna call?
    Your choices are:
    members of DFL/MAPE,
    or members of DFL/AFSCME,
    or members of DFL/City Council,
    or the DFL City Mayor,
    or DFL State Legislators,
    or DFL CongressCritters,
    or DFL Governor,
    or DFL/Attorney General?

  12. Mac, if just 20 people got together to object, and contacted KSTP, it would be a start.

    Make it messy. Put the obviously nasty truth out there, unvarnished.

    Maybe Merg would slip a mention in between John Lott segments, I dunno.

  13. There are lots of people that are revolted with the prog March. It’s just they are cowed. They think they might lose something if they speak up; so they STFU.

    But all it would take is just a few people to stand up and say “WTF is THAT???” And more would join in. If there is a point which decent people won’t allow society to cross, we have got to be against it.

    But maybe in leftist dominated areas it’s too late.

  14. and here’s more info about parents who tried; on May 21, 2017 despite vigorous opposition from the community, Lexington Park Library in St. Mary’s County facilitated a graphic sex workshop for minors. Parents & adults were not allowed in the “classroom.”

  15. From your PJMedia link:

    “It’s as if they don’t know that half of the country thinks they’re crazy sickos for teaching ten-year-olds how to give blowjobs!”

    Why would they know that? Because out of “1/2 the country”, just 1 parent was pissed off enough to show up. And after she was arrested, did any of that sainted 1/2 show up to express their support?

    Fuck no.

    We are nothing but a bunch of lazy, complacent, frightened sheep. Too fearful to do anything but post comments on a blog.

    Oh, we’ll say we’re ready to go to the matresses. We got stockpiles of ammo, and we’re ready to roll.

    But will we take 5 minutes to pick up a phone, or write an email (heavens forbid anyone show up in person)? You gotta be kidding.

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