A Good Guy With A Gun An AR15

Otsego man breaks up a stabbing with his AR15:

Dave Thomas was getting ready for work Monday afternoon when he heard women screaming in his apartment building in Oswego.

Thomas, a gun instructor, peeked out the door and saw blood in the hallway. He went to his bedroom, where a handgun and an AR-15 assault-style rifle were lying on the bed. He picked up the rifle.

“I teach people how to defend themselves, and it was just a reaction to grab the AR-15,” he said.

Police said Thomas confronted a man who was stabbing another man in the apartment complex on the 100 block of Harbor Drive. The man with the knife ran off when Thomas threatened to shoot him.

“He was a half a breath away from getting his head blown off and he knew that,” Thomas, 41, said. “That’s why he put the knife down.”

Kendall County sheriff’s deputies arrived about 5 p.m. and arrested two people, the man suspected of stabbing his neighbor and a woman with him. The neighbor was treated and released from Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, according to the sheriff’s office.

“No good for self defense”< they keep telling us.

Suspect the victim might disagree.

8 thoughts on “A Good Guy With A Gun An AR15

  1. First of all, you mean Oswego as in IL, not Otsego, MN, up by me.

    Second, if the dissemination of an event where a gun, an AR-15 in this case, is successfully used for self-defense is limited to a single local newspaper or TV station and not made known more widely, did it actually happen? And even if it did, isn’t that event just anecdotal?

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  3. Thanks for reposting this again, Mitch. I found it very odd (NOT) that when I first used this incident as an example a couple of threads back, our usual trolls did not respond even though they were foaming at the mouth how AR’s should be banned and are not for self-defense. Nothing like a fact, or two, or three, and saved lives, to shut them up.

  4. in my neighborhood the AR style weapons are, after the .22 rimfire, the most common go-to gun, particularly this time of year when the coyotes are mating. In fact in a 1 mile radius you can count on one hand the number of homes that don’t have at least 6 firearms (12 gauge bird/skeet gun, .22 gopher gun, .223 coyote gun, 9mm handgun, .410 snake charmer, 30 cal deer rifle) its an unusual day that I don’t hear gunshots when I’m outside.
    Disclaimer: I do not own any guns myself, they frighten me!

  5. Time was when people were not afraid of long guns because they were difficult to conceal, and people were more worried about handguns. And if long semi-autos are banned, that will be exactly the case once again. The anti-gun left is committed to an endless game of “whack-a-mole” until the 2nd Amendment no longer exists.

  6. its an unusual day that I don’t hear gunshots when I’m outside

    It’s a good thing you’re so dedicated to overcoming your fears; your neighborhood must be terrifying.

  7. jdm
    “your neighborhood must be terrifying.”
    particularly so if you’re a barn rat, gopher, groundhog, chipmunk, squirrel, crow, coyote, pigeon or almost any other nuisance critter. Black bears are the exception, they are truly a pain in the ass but even with a backhoe they present real disposal problems Had 5 of them on the property last fall, hunters got one, the rest will be back in a month or so.

  8. To repeat an Instapundit comment, “heh”.

    Your neighborhood sounds like mine. Except in mine there’s also the shooting parties.

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