Our Not-So-Bright Overlords

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper claims he can count “on one hand” the number of Colorado teachers who “want to be armed”:

“I’ve probably talked to 1,000 teachers and this was not too long after Columbine happened in 1999, and we discussed those kinds of questions all the time. I can count on one hand the number of people that wanted to be trained and wanted to be carrying handguns or weapons in their schools,” Hickenlooper said at the National Governors Association winter meeting over the weekend.

“So I think if there’s a large number of people that want to take the training and make sure they are fully equipped to do this, anything we can do to make our schools safer I think we should look at, but I don’t think most teachers are going to want anything to do with that,” he added.

Teachers being largely Democrats, that’s probably true.

But if word got out that a “handful” of teachers, principals, janitors and other staff were armed – nobody knows who or where – then suddenly that school becomes a much less enticing target for someone bent on committing mayhem with no consequences.

Not sure when liberals became so bloodthirsty – but deterrence what we’re looking for, here.  The mass shooting that never happens is the best kind.

3 thoughts on “Our Not-So-Bright Overlords

  1. C’mon Mitch, it had been proven that nuclear deterrent does not work either, just ask any libturd!

  2. Hickenlooper is apparently unaware of the fact that many gun owners and carry permit holders recognize that the element of surprise is a far greater deterrent to crime than a known quantity, and accordingly are somewhat cagey about whether they’ve got a carry permit, and whether they’d use it at work if they were allowed to.

    Or, perhaps more likely, he is aware of this and he doesn’t care that he’s spouting BS to the world.

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