Narrative Fail

If you read the headlines – and the shrill gun-control groups who provide them to the media – you’d think it’d never been more dangerous to be in a school.

And usual when getting  your information about the Second Amendment, guns, gun crime, gun laws and gun facts, yoiu’d be wrong.  Schools – like the rest of society – are safer now than they were twenty years ago:

Four times the number of children were killed in schools in the early 1990s than today, Fox said.

“There is not an epidemic of school shootings,” he said, adding that more kids are killed each year from pool drownings or bicycle accidents. There are around 55 million school children in the United States, and on average over the past 25 years, about 10 students per year were killed by gunfire at school, according to Fox and Fridel’s research.

Yes, yes, one is too many,   But if the rate of shootings in schools is off by 3/4, and the rate in general socieity is off by 1/2 in the same time, then schools are getting safer, faster.

Which is of course why Big Left is pushing the “More Dangerous Than Ever” meme – because it’s not about making kids safer.  It’s about the culture war.


12 thoughts on “Narrative Fail

  1. “Take the guns first. Go through due process second, I like taking the guns early.”~ Donald J. Trump

    I have literally never seen anybody on the left ever undermine the 2nd Amendment to the degree that Trump just did.

  2. Why don’t you get your own blog, trolls? Then you can post the same thing in every post to your heart’s content without threadjacking. I am sure you get a lot of followers who will just jump at the bit to engage you with witty reparte. I mean you have at least two, albeit they both live in your vacant head.

  3. JPA, peev got his own blog and over the last 8 years he averages 51 hits per day for the whole site – this post alone already has twice as much traffic as peev gets in in a day. Emery suspects in their dark little hearts that if they had their own blog no one would come to read them

  4. It’s worth noting that people who use evidence responsibly include the context, date, and setting of the statements. Give it a try, Emery.

  5. Lame attempt to change the subject. Address what Trump said and stop hiding behind the left like a coward.

  6. Don’t ignore the subject of Mitch’s column as I did because I’m a coward.

    Answer my thread-jack, or you’re a coward.

    I must have the flu – my head is spinning.

  7. Someone help me. Didn’t Angry Clown dissapear just about the time Emery showed up?

    Did AC leave because he couldn’t bear the shame that Dunning_Kruger heaps upon the left, or did he begin to realize that D_K is, in fact, the poster child for the leftist intelligentsia, which caused him a massive attack of cognitive dissonance?

  8. I’m skeptical of most things that Trump embraces. He is clearly trying to seize the limelight on this contentious issue, which is totally within character for a politician who craves being seen as in charge, even if he’s not. But it would also be totally in character for him to change his mind as the debate proceeds.

  9. Lame attempt to change the subject. Address what Trump said and stop hiding behind the left like a coward.

    Which part of “get your own blog so you can ask question?” do you not understand? Coward! Your already low level of comprehension is absent today altogether?

  10. This has nothing to do with considered policy, surprising many of his supporters. This is about getting us to forget yesterday’s headlines and talk about the new chaos he has unleashed. And to distract us from this badly thought through action, he needs something bigger and louder next week. and on and on.

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