A Couple Inconvenient Truths

Mass shootings are neither more frequent not more severe in the US than in other countries.

“But we’re only counting western first-world countries, Mitcih”.

OK.  Let’s count Western first-world countries:

Yep.  Including counties full of white people – the only ones the gun grabbers really care aboiut.

“But that’s death rates, which get skewed by small numbers of attacks in small countries!”

Right, because France, Belgium and Canada are small countries.

OK, let’s look at the actual frequency of mass shootings, per capita – which makes all countries the same

Huh.  So the US i s down the list even in terms of episodes per million people…

“Well you’re a racist”.


7 thoughts on “A Couple Inconvenient Truths

  1. the Emery-Collective™ will have to drag a red herring across this trail post haste! It completely destroys their narrative.

  2. But . . . MacArthur Wheeler . . . what about the crusades! Think of the crusades!

  3. Other students stood by holding signs that read ‘Am I next?’
    To which I respond: “Your school is already a gun free zone.”
    If anyone really has a fear that they are going to be the next victim of a mass shooting, he or she better get a gun. There are 300 million guns in this country. No gun control law will change that.
    If you are depending on the government or a law to save your ass, God help you.

  4. Why would anyone take their children to a place where they will be subjected to:

    Leftist indoctrination of the most vile sort.

    Humiliation and denouncement of everything their parents tell them is good.

    Insane, mind twisting lies that defy science and human biology.

    Training in self-loathing.

    Immediate threats of physical harm.

    Until something changes, drastically changes in the public schools, I’m running out of sympathy for parents of murdered kids. There; I said it.

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