Ripping The “F” From DFL

Paddy Coolican did a piece dissecting how the DFL’s gubernatorial nomination race may be Tim Walz’s to lose, as this point.

We’ll come back to that later.

To me, the interesting part was near the bottom, in an aside about one of the special elections last week and What It All Means to the DFL in Greater MInnesota:

Jeremy Munson won the special election in southern Minnesota last week to replace fellow Republican Tony Cornish in the state House, and he won easily, running about even with President Donald Trump’s 2016 result.

Not a huge surprise; Cornish’s district has a pretty solid reputation.

Maybe more solid than the facts warranted, at least recently, according to Coolican; Dayton and Obama ran just a couple of points behind the votes their GOP opponents – but Munson won in a snoozer, with double digit advantage.

This points up a problem for the DFL: The House GOP’s ruthless greater Minnesota messaging — DFL equals city slickers who don’t care about you or your people — continues to work.

It absolutely does.  It’s not that I don’t think the “elites” in StPaul and DC dont’ get how much distrust and downright emnity there is for them out in the rural areas, as that they think they don’t need to care about what a bunch of rubes think.

Which was easily my favorite part of Trump’s election.  And as we’ve been pointing out on this blog for the past year, the left doesn’t get it (and here’s hoping they don’t).  There’s a current on Big Left that believes that Red America / flyover land / the square states are not only cultural, social and intellectual wastelandns, but financial drags on Blue America – freeloaders, if you will.  Much of that is based on Paul Krugman’s deeply dim op-ed from about ten years ago – which compared discretionary spending in states to the amount of tax revenue states provided.  Krugman – and the even dimmer lights that parrot his findings – didn’t bother to mention that

  • Red states tend to have sparse populations with lower standards (and costs) of living – so they pay less.  (What – big left suddenly doesn’t like progressive trasation?)
  • They get a lot of farm bill subsidy money – spread over a smaller population
  • They get a very disproportionate amount of military spending.  As if the money spent on a wing of B1 bombers in South Dakota is of direct benefit to the locals.

The “F” in “DFL” – “Farmer” – has been a misnomer for probably 40  years, now.  It’d be great if rural Minnesota made it official this fall.

15 thoughts on “Ripping The “F” From DFL

  1. DFL = Democrat Financier Lawyer party.

    Yep. The DFL doesn’t care about farmers at all and the only unions that really are at the DFL table are AFSCME, SEIU and MAPE. The trade unions are treated like a cocker spaniel for the most part.

  2. I submit libturds are not as dumb as they appear to be. Mitch have you run the math? Can they win without a single rural district? Just on strength of MSP, Duluth and Rochester?

  3. I’m just waiting for Walz and Keith Ellison to campaign together. What a photo op that will be.

  4. I’m just waiting for Walz and Keith Ellison to campaign together. What a photo op that will be.

  5. jpa,

    It depends on how many fraudulent votes the party apparatchiks find in the trunks of their cars.

  6. As I recall from visiting the Museum of Communism in Prague, Marx didn’t really understand the role of agriculture in an economy and focused on industrialization and urbanization. The farming districts were merely a source of food, and a deceitful source as well that required ever greater quotas and searches to identify enemies of the people who tried to withhold their “work product” – and their allegiance.

  7. Mr. D. Don’t forget EdMn!

    You’re right, Loren. As if we could, although we should be spared their 30-second spike the football ads until later in the year, which is something.

  8. Red states tend to have sparse populations with lower standards (and costs) of living

    Pray tell us more of this wonderful standards of living we are being deprived of. Doesn’t even need to be a detailed list, just point us in the general direction.

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  10. Acktewelly, we caint get up the energy to have but one sex at a time, truth be tolt. So we make sure it’s a goodun. 😉

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