3 thoughts on “Trivia Question

  1. The last minute and a half of an NFL game can really cover some ground as well.

    Missed the show saturday Mitch, you going to talk about that Bill of Rights issue here at the blog?

  2. The one time I have taken the train (I live outstate as it’s called here in MN), was to use the way cheap parking ramp over by Humphrey terminal. It is a one-stop, free ride over the stretch from Lindbergh that is part of the Blue Line. Get on, get off; what could be simpler?

    That evening, after arriving from some long flight, we got to watch that “4 MIN” notice for about an hour and a half because of an accident further upstream.

    When we got home, there was no news about this accident. Nothing indicating some special occurrence. This would lead one to believe that this happens more than just rarely. Man, that metro living.

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