The Pitch Meeting Writes Itself

Noted in advance:  It’s the Daily Mail, which gives tabloids in general a bad name.

On the other hand, the story’s too good to doubt:  British SAS troopers (the unit Delta is modeled after), ambushed in Afghanistan and running low on ammo, take drastic measures to hold out until help arrived:

An SAS soldier decapitated an ISIS terrorist using only a spade after their unit was ambushed by militants during a patrol in eastern Afghanistan.

The veteran sergeant is said to have cut-off the gunman’s head in one swoop after running out of ammunition during a fierce six-hour gun battle.

After killing him, the elite soldier then used the jihadist’s own weapon to kill more ISIS henchmen.

To make the episode even more movie-perfect, the troopers were rescued by a couple of American attack helicopters, in a scene that reads not a lot different from the climactic scene in Lone Suirvivor.

Daily Mail, schmaily schmail.  I want to believe it.

9 thoughts on “The Pitch Meeting Writes Itself

  1. Russian/USSR Spetsnaz (their special forces) are big fans of shovels. They sharpen them up, throw them, chop with them, etc. Maybe this dude was culturally appropriating that.

  2. Apache and Chinook copters are fine to rearm the door kickers, add a AC-130J Ghost Rider and a couple of A-10’s to assure complete carnage to the vermin. Identify their meet up spot and send them a MOAB greeting card.

  3. I’m waiting for some Islamist apologist to complain that beheading is offensive to their religious burial practices and demand the Brits lock up the soldiers for their lack of cultural respect.

  4. Joe, I’m waiting for some dimwit to claim that it’s cultural appropriation. Also on the light side, from what I’ve heard about ISIS snuff films, one would infer that the SAS sharpens shovels much better than ISIS does machetes.

    All in all, though, it reminds me of the joke about a Marine shouting “one Marine is tougher than 50 Taliban”, then 100 Taliban, then 500, and finally a wounded Taliban crawls back, and with his dying breath says “It’s a trap–there are two Marines over that hill.” Fun, but I’m not going to bet my paycheck on it being true.

  5. One of silliest things Obama did was to bury Bin Laden as though he was a good Muslim. All the clerics said he wasn’t a good Muslim, right? There is no consistency among our ruling elite. They call Bombay “Mumbai” because the natives use that term, but they still call Germany “Germany” rather than Deutschland. They are mad, and as I grow older, I am more & more willing to call them out on it. They are frikkin’ nuts. You can’t reason with them because they are unable to reason.

  6. You can’t make this shit up. Check out the marine’s name.

    The Pentagon´s senior enlisted member has drawn the line against ISIS: “surrender or die!” In a blunt warning to the remaining ISIS fighters, Army Command Sgt. Maj. John Wayne Troxell said the shrinking band of militants could either surrender to the U.S. military or face death.

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