You’re Just Another Panel In The Wall

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The United States border with Mexico is about 1,900 miles long.  Trump seeks $18 billion to build The Wall over 10 years.  Not good enough.  He’s only in office three more years, after which his successor can halt construction.  We’ve seen this before.

Reagan traded amnesty for promises of increased border security, in 1986.  A few miles of fence were built in San Diego in 1990 but Democrats handled the promise like a Popeye cartoon.

Bush signed the Secure Fence Act in 2006 which authorized 700 miles of fence, again mostly in border towns.  It’s just a fence, nothing particularly hard to defeat, and it’s only a short part of the border. 1,200 miles are still wide open.  Immigrants walked around the end of the fence, by the millions.

Bureaucrats complain it’s hard to build a fence in the desert but Israel built a border fence to keep terrorists out after the 2000 conflict.  It’s 450 miles long and they completed it in 3 years, start to finish.  It’s been amazingly effective at keeping out terrorists. Israeli engineers are capable, but Americans are not?  Nonsense.

The lesson from history is clear:  Trump must get the entire remaining 1,200 miles of fence built before he leaves office, or it won’t happen.  The only way to make that happen is to hang a hammer over the heads of amnesty advocates.

When the fence is FINISHED, we will amnesty to qualified immigrants who can prove they were in the country as of 2017.  No new arrivals (end chain migration and anchor babies).   No convicts.

Otherwise, I suspect Derb is correct:  We shall end up with a bill giving amnesty to the DACA illegals in return for an end to the “diversity visa” lottery and a new paint scheme for the border posts. And Trump will be a one-term wonder.

Joe Doakes

And the thing is, even the Border Patrol union – the only government union to endorse Trump – said that they don’t need a wall along the entire border; some parts of the high desert are too remote for all but the most desperate illegals – and anyone with the cojones to cross out in the middle of that Godforsaken nowhere might just deserve a shot at being an American; maybe ship out some millennial “Studies” majors to make it even.

16 thoughts on “You’re Just Another Panel In The Wall

  1. Trump having that meeting with Dems in front of the media yesterday, was pure fucking genius! He looked in complete command, like he was presiding over an episode of the Apprentice. With the media present, he has Dems on record and they will have a tougher time weaseling out of their promises and, the media can’t twist his words.

    Even some members of the lame stream were praising him for it.

    Hell must be freezing today!

  2. I think to me a green ball would be wonderful, people would like green ball and I think that could be a good idea. By that I mean a green ball that is also red, because that is really what green is, it is red. That’s what it is to me, and I think that red green ball could be doable. Yes, a green ball would be good, because that still means we have red there.

    This is your brain on Trump.

  3. Ahh, Shvonder_eTASS returns to his trolling duties. That new year’s resolution of finding a clue and a brain did not last very long.

  4. The sad thing here is that Democrats are apparently united in the idea that getting across the border ought not even involve anything so difficult as walking, as even a vehicle barrier along the border seems to be too much to ask. Many of them even seem to believe that convictions for fairly heinous felonies shouldn’t warrant expulsion. It is as if they think we are sorely in need of more criminals here.

  5. I don’t think Trump has changed his position. He wants the democrats to approve the wall in exchange for doing DACA now.

  6. I don’t understand the lust the Democrats have for importing Democrat voters. The election of Trump showed that there are tens of millions of Americans who don’t want to vote Republican. Why don’t the Dems hoover them up? It can’t be principle — look at some of the groups the Dems are proud to have in their coalition. Felons, sex perverts, committed lunatics . . .

  7. MP: not that there’s anything wrong with all that, right? Seriously, it strikes me that this chicanery will end only after a few prominent Democrats are hurt or worse by rogue illegals.

  8. What’s there not to understand, MP? DemoncRats want beholden slaves they can promise amnesty in perpetuity in exchange for their votes. DemoncRats had presidency and majority, why DIDN’T they pass amnesty? Because that would defeat the purpose. They would lose their bargaining chip. No promise of amnesty, no vote. DemoncRats do NOT want amnesty, that would be the death of them, especially since newly minted citizens will now become very painfully aware of the burden of taxation and not having all the benefits of being pampered by and pandered to by the elites. Nooo… the amnesty is the LAST thing demoncRats want and they will fight tooth and nail to prevent it.

  9. Part of the problem with granting ‘amnesties’ is that the problem proceeds to grow again until we need another amnesty. Investing in a better ID system and focusing on illegal employers rather than their illegal employees is essential to reducing demand for illegal immigrants. I’m not hearing that from either party. The Democrats seem to rather like granting amnesties every 20 years or so, and the Republicans rather like complaining about it but never addressing the roots of the problem.

  10. Another unsuccessful trolling attempt, Shvonder-eTASS. You really gotta try harder. If you want to be taken seriously, you should bone up on history and stop lying. Who was it last that granted amnesty? DemoncRats? Really? Away with you troll, nobody is buying your crazy here.

  11. The way Trump is re-defining “stable genius” I’ll take that as a compliment.

  12. I don’t know, maybe I’ve drunk too much or haven’t drunk enough, but Emery Incognito’s comment on January 10, 2018 at 2:00 pm seems pretty much dead-on correct to me. What am I missing?

    I am utterly mystified at the push-back or perhaps more correctly, the quiet, stubborn resistance against being a Real Country with borders, defense and maintenance of same and nationalist immigration policies. Who, what are these people?

  13. jdm, what you are missing is Shvonder-eTASS condescension, a lie (re amnesty), and his failed (well, maybe not so failed if you bought it) attempt at painting conservatives as not voicing opposition to illegal immigration. This is a typical commissar tactic. He learned well from Marx (Karl, not the Brothers). Actually, so should you so you can spot and demolish these vermin instead of falling for their pablum.

  14. Emery: Investing in a better ID system and focusing on illegal employers rather than their illegal employees is essential to reducing demand for illegal immigrants. I’m not hearing that from either party.

    ICE has started a high-profile, nationwide crackdown, beginning with 7-11. Pre-dawn raids of agents, grabbing hiring records. Supposedly more employers are going to be targeted. It’s in the papers.

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